Sure, we hear you. “I don’t need any help parking, I’m the perfect driver.” We’ve all said it, then followed it up immediately with a bang into the side of the garage. It’s ok to need a little help when it comes to garage parking. Cars and trucks are getting bigger, garages aren’t, and they’re always full of more stuff. Like freezers, bikes, mowers, hockey nets, motorcycles, you name it. So having a garage parking aid, something to give you a failsafe when you get home after a long day at the office or taking the kids to events, is nothing to be ashamed of. Hey, we recommend it.

So we’re bringing you some of the best parking aids we could find to make sure your garage drywall and your car doors stay un-dinged. And if you’re still embarrassed, blame the need for it on your spouse or on the kids. For more information on the best garage parking aids, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: Maxsa Park Right Mat

maxsa innovations park right parking mat

A parking mat like this one can help you park and stay parked, especially if you drive a manual transmission car. It’s a mat with two bumps. One that you’ll hit when you’ve reached the furthest point in the garage, and one that you’ll hit first before the bigger one. Having two bumps in the mat can also stop your vehicle from rolling backwards, if your garage floor isn’t completely flat (and you might be surprised).

The two-bump design also makes for a convenient drip tray to catch any rainwater or melted snow falling off of the wheels. That’s handy for keeping your garage floor clean and dry and helps preserve the surface of the concrete, or even better, protects your expensive and elaborate epoxy floor covering.

2. Genie Yellow Perfect Stop Parking Aid

genie yellow perfect stop parking aid

This is one of the most simple, cheap, and easy ways to get that perfect park every time. It’s just a ball that hangs from a string. When it hits your windshield, you’re in the right spot. As long as you don’t smash into the ball and send it flying, that’s all there is to it.

Genie does point out that if you’re clever, you can make it retractable quickly and easily as well. All you need to do is park in your normal place, and then attach the cord to the top of your open garage door. Once you’ve done that, making the length just right to hit your windshield when properly parked, when you close the door the ball goes back up in the air. Door open, ball on glass. Door closed, ball in the air, out of your way when walking around the empty space.

3. Fosmon Dual Laser Garage Parking Assist

fosmon dual laser garage parking assist guide system

This garage parking aid uses lasers, and it works for both of your cars in a double garage. It mounts to your ceiling and has motion-activated lasers to help you park properly in your garage.

There are two laser pointers on this device, just aim the left side one to the vehicle on the corresponding side, and do the same on the right. With the lasers set to the proper parking spot for your car, you can just drive forward until the laser is pointing at the right spot on your dashboard. You’ll be able to tell if you’re too far to the left or right and not far enough in or far enough out. Better yet, it should still work for different vehicles, though we’d be careful the first time since the car’s nose might be longer than you’re used to.

4. LogicXYZ Garage Parking Assistant

logicxyz garage parking assistant

Parking made easy, it’s a digital display that affixes to your garage wall. The display unit, along with a pair of sensors, can show you exactly how far you are from that garage (or exterior house) wall in inches. Want to park two-inches from the wall? Wait for the display to show two. Want to park like a normal person? Try somewhere around 24.

For this recommendation, all you need is power. The best part of this garage parking aid, though, is that it will work equally well even if you park different vehicles inside your garage. All you need to do is to find out the right distance for each one. Maybe put a big chart on the wall to remind you that the car needs a foot and the truck needs three, but you won’t need to worry about “well, the light’s red” and still not be in the back of the garage.

5. Mrcartool Parking Aid System

mrcartool parking aid system

If you want something that even more simple than a number, this traffic-light style display comes as close as you’re going to get. With power from the wall and an ultrasonic sensor, this parking aid mounts to almost any garage surface.

This product lights up green from five meters away, then yellow from 1.5 to 0.5 meters, then at 0.5 meters, the red light comes on and an alarm sounds. This one’s great if you’re worried about power, because it comes with both an AC adapter for a wall plug and a 9V battery slot to keep it going when your local utility isn’t. The cable is just under five-feet long, letting you position the sensor low and display high for taller vehicles or letting you move one or the other to a place that works better for your garage.

6. Park 'N Place

park n' place perfect parking aid

If you don’t need to worry about walking around in an empty garage when your car isn’t parked inside, this can be a great option for a parking aid because it’s simple, basic, and easy. It’s an extra-flexible pole with a stop sign on the top, and really that’s probably all you need in your garage.

Drive toward it until you tap the pole and you’re parked in the right spot, every time. The wide base helps keep it in place even if you’re coming in a little bit quickly, and battery-powered lights in the sign light up when you touch the post, making sure you know it’s time to stop. Great if you’re excited to get home and have a little brain fade. The flashing lights can run continuously for up to 72 hours in an emergency, giving you needed light in your otherwise dark garage.

7. Fullstop Vehicle Parking Block

fullstop vehicle parking block

Cheap, simple, and effective, the Fullstop parking block is essentially just a speed bump. Install it on any solid surface, even a dirt driveway using the right hardware, and really all you need to do is let it sit in place and do its job.

Use an adhesive on your garage floor or bolts on a hard or soft surface for a more permanent installation, and this block lets you just drive forward slowly until you hit it. Once you’ve hit the bump, you’re parked. It’s easy to move if you change vehicles, and at just four-inches high it should fit under even the lowest sports cars.

8. Park-Daddy PDY-50

park-daddy precision garage parking aid system

The Park-Daddy is a sensor-based parking system that uses sensors attached to your garage wall along with a transmitter/receiver you put in your cigarette lighter. It’s also the only one we’ve found that’s designed to keep your car or truck as close to the garage door as possible instead of staying close to the wall.

The two sensor units go at the entrance to your garage, and the receiver goes in your car. When your car finishes breaking the sensor’s beam, the receiver notifies you with an alert that tells you you’re fully in the garage. At that point, you can stop your vehicle, properly parked and leaving as much space in front of it as possible. That makes it easy to open inside doors, walk around the vehicle, and even access other parts of the garage while your car or truck is parked inside.

9. PopStops Garage Stop

popstops garage parking aid

There’s nothing special about how the PopStops Garage Stop parking bumpers work—they’re big blocks that you put on the ground in the spot you want your wheels to rest. But the company has still found a way to make these bumpers cool and set its product apart from the rest. These parking bumpers are custom, available in a wide range of unique designs to let you show off who you are and personalize your own parking space. This one shows off a fishing theme, but PopStops has a wide range of hobbies and even a line dedicated to armed forces members.

This will stop you cold when you need to park and look cool when you’re not home. Instead of adhesive or mechanical fasteners, these garage parking aids have a non-slip bottom surface to help keep them in place. They also include a complementary sticker that you put on your floor where the bumpers go, just in case they get moved or if you need to move them to sweep, clean, or put something else in your garage.

10. STKR Concepts Adjustable

stkr concepts adjustable garage parking sensor aid

Recently upgraded to improve battery life, this sensor uses ultrasonic technology to sense how far away your vehicle is. The range is adjustable from six inches to six feet, making it perfect to customize for garages large and tiny, as well as being compatible with multiple vehicles using the same shared parking space. It mounts on your wall with double-sided tape, making it quick and easy to install and eliminating garage clutter.

The sensor shows a green light to indicate its working, come closer with the green light on and you’re notified by a yellow warning to slow down and then red to tell you you’re parked. Instead of a small light, the full face of the sensor lights up for accurate parking every single time.

What is a Garage Parking Aid?

From as simple as a tennis ball to as complicated as ultrasonic sensors, a parking aid is anything that helps you get your car, truck, or SUV exactly where it needs to be in your garage. Left and right, forward and backward, they’ll tell you if you need to turn the wheel or if you’re about to have a close encounter with that old fridge you’ve been promising to get rid of.

Why do I Need a Garage Parking Aid?

Because cars are expensive and garages are cramped, we recommend at least a basic parking aid to take the stress out of putting your vehicle away. Instead of taking minutes of mirror checking and neck-craning, just drive up to the mark quickly and stress-free. If you can make things lower stress, why wouldn’t you?

What to look for in a Garage Parking Aid:

What to look for is going to depend on your needs, but the basic requirement is some way of showing you where to stop. Some touch your window, some put a laser line on the dash, and some just flash red. If you’d rather have a light, look for one with a sensor that will change color as you get closer.

If you don’t want to worry about plugs and power, use the Genie ball. If you get one that uses batteries, remember that you’ll need to change those, and how often depends on how much you use it and the sensor itself. If you absolutely can’t pull into the garage one day and have the sensor not work, you might want to use a plug-in sensor combined with a ball for backup and reliability. But if your garage, like many, doesn’t have enough power plugs or none at all, a battery-operated garage parking aid is the ideal solution over long runs of extension cords and questionable adapters.

Look for a parking aid that’s easy to install and setup, and if you’re not ready to climb a ladder then ceiling mounted options probably won’t quite work for you. In this case, a wall sensor mount is a better idea.

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