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It’s one of the most basic driving lessons you first learn when you get behind the wheel: check your blind spot. Although your car is equipped with an assortment of mirrors, they’re not always adequate when it comes to covering your blind spots. If you’re tired of not being able to see what’s behind you, it might be time to invest into a new rear view mirror.

The aftermarket offers plenty of options for your rear view mirror that solve those factory problems, so you can stop worrying about blind spots. From cameras front and rear, to larger glass and complete aftermarket solutions, the best rear view mirrors can help you see clearly now, at least when it comes to what’s beside you or behind you as you drive your car, truck, or SUV. Naturally, better visibility means extra safety, and that’s a bargain at any price.

There are plenty of different options to enhance your rear vision, but in this article, we’ll cover beyond just replacing your rear view mirror. You can also consider blind spot mirrors and towing mirrors to cover those pesky blind spots and we even include an option to get better rear visibility of what’s going on inside your cabin.

For more information on the best rear view mirrors, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: VanTop 4K Mirror Dash Cam

vantop 4k mirror dash cam

In the last few years, the rear view mirror has gotten fancy. Check out this option from VanTop that offers features you can’t even find on luxury cars. For a start, while the mirror will work like a mirror does, the 12-inch panel is also a digital display. So you can see what’s being captured on the HD rear camera or the front camera while you’re driving.

The front camera is a 4K unit that features a Sony Starvis sensor that can capture license plates better than lower-def, lower-quality sensors, even offering night time clarity. The mirror holds a GPS receiver that can track your location, route, and speed, with all of the features accessible using voice commands including start/stop recording, and “show front camera.” If an impact is detected, the mirror will automatically record for 20 seconds and store the clip, protecting you in case of your car being hit while parked.

2. Shynerk Baby Mirror

shynerk baby car mirror

The opposite of a fancy rear view mirror packed with tech is this option from Shynerk. Simple, easy, effective, and it lets you see clearly the most important thing in your car. This baby mirror for your car, truck, or SUV, is designed to strap onto the seat headrest using simple straps and buckles that should fit any vehicle. Then the mirror is mounted on a ball that lets you position it to any angle, exactly how you need it to let you see your precious cargo.

The mirror, that lets you look back using your main car mirror or by turning your head, is a shatterproof design made from acrylic safety glass with a plastic frame. So that even in an accident, your baby doesn’t need to worry about the mirror. At nearly 12 inches by eight inches, this is one of the larger mirrors on the market, and offers a convex surface to help magnify your view of your littlest one.

3. AUTO-VOX T2 Rear View Mirror Monitor

auto-vox t2 rear view mirror monitor

Looking for a simple and easy way to add a reversing camera to your older vehicle? How about this, a mirror that’s designed to look like your factory-fit mirror, but that integrates a small screen and a camera that mounts to your rear license plate bracket to give you a new look at the road. The mount is designed to slide onto your existing windshield mirror mount, the small clip found on older vehicles.

The rear camera offers six LED lights and a large sensor to help you see behind you when parking or reversing, and it even has guide lines to show the area directly behind you. On the mirror, the 4.3-inch screen has automatically adjusting brightness to make sure your camera is visible by day and not blinding you by night. Though buyers note that the mirror itself can’t be dimmed, which may be bothersome to some, especially if you constantly use your mirror dimmer switch.

4. ICBEAMER Clip-on Rear View Mirror

icbeamer 15.8-inch clip-on rear view mirror

An absolutely massive mirror, measuring 15.8 inches by 3.2 inches, this option gives you an enormous field of vision of what’s behind you. Even out your side windows depending on the vehicle. Instead of replacing your existing mirror, it simply clips on and gives you a wide-angle view of everything that’s going on behind you—up to three times wider than your factory mirror offers.

Smaller sizes are offered, too, if you want an upgrade to the factory component but aren’t ready for a mirror that’s wider than your first TV screen. The mirror is made from glass and it has a blue tinted mirror that makes it clearer, but also helps to lower glare and reduce the effect of headlights of cars behind you. This mirror is flat for a true-to-life view, but convex glass is also offered to give an even wider angle at the risk of a distortion of the view.

5. RVTXRX Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

rvtxrx digital wireless backup camera system

A rear view mirror that can see through your vehicle or trailer doesn’t exist yet, but this is the closest you might ever find. It’s a rear view mirror for vehicles that either don’t have one or can’t use one because there is no visibility out the back. Ideal for cargo vans, RVs, trucks with trailers, and any other vehicle where the view to the back is blocked, this backup camera works like a digital mirror through a wireless camera connection to a camera you mount on the back of your vehicle or trailer.

Just minutes to install the dash-mounted monitor and a few more for the camera and your rear blind spot is gone. A total of 16 IR lights help the camera work better at night. The range is up to 30 feet through an RV or 190 feet in open air thanks to the 2.4 GHz wireless camera connection. Not having to run a wire from camera to screen makes for a much easier to use product.

6. PORMIDO Rear View Mirror Camera

pormido mirror dash cam

This option boasts a large 12-inch screen that gives you the ability to see in front of and behind you at the same time thanks to a split-screen mode. An HD camera looking forward and one that you mount in the rear give you rear view mirror features that were beyond imagination a decade ago. Both cameras record simultaneously onto an SD card (with support for up to 128 GB).

The ability to loop record is built-in, and you can record a time-lapse video for road trip memories instead of just waiting for something bad to happen. Even without the cameras, this is a larger mirror than standard, but with the camera screen giving you the option of front, rear, or split views you should be able to see everything happening around you. A G-Sensor automatically records and locks the video if your car is bumped or involved in a more serious collision, while with an add-on GPS antenna you can get driving speed, date, and time.

7. Utopicar Blind Spot Mirrors

utopicar blind spot mirrors

For adding just that little bit of extra rear view, check out a set of blind spot mirrors like these from Utopicar. Instead of replacing your factory mirrors, which are the result of millions in safety and efficiency engineering, you can just add a small convex surface to expand your view to each side. While some cars come with these built-in from the factory, most don’t and adhesive blind spot mirrors are a great addition.

Frameless for improved looks, this recommendation lets you see into your blind spot without turning your head as much as you would normally have to do. They can help reduce lane-change anxiety in heavy traffic. While most add-on blind spot mirrors are round, which wastes much of the surface of both the add-on and the factory mirror, these are contoured to offer more usable area while wasting less of the glass space. 3M brand adhesive makes sure that they’ll stay on through hot, cold, and car washes.

8. K Source Five-Panel Interior Mirror

k source 5-panel interior mirror

Ever wonder how race car drivers can see what’s going on behind them even though they’re strapped in so tightly they can’t turn their heads? It’s a multi-panel mirror like this one: A five-panel mirror where each one is adjustable and that lets you see just about anything that’s behind you or even beside your car, truck, or SUV.

The huge field of vision offered by these mirrors is so wide that you’ll need to install it using your sun visor brackets on the corners of the car. So while it’s a universal fit, if your line of sight is very high or you sit very far forward, then this might not be ideal for you. Otherwise, panel after panel of this panoramic mirror could be just what you’re looking for when it comes to solving your rear view issues. Designed for the race track, but popular on the street, this style of mirror is cool as well as practical.

9. CIPA Universal Clip-on Towing Mirror

cipa universal clip-on towing mirror

A rear view mirror for those who tow on occasion, but aren’t driving a great big full-size pickup that offers pull-out towing mirrors. These tow mirrors are designed to clip onto any factory rear view mirror to give you a view that’s seven-inches wider. That’s enough to see around your trailer and cargo so that you can actually spot what’s behind you on the highway or when it’s time to back up.

No tools are needed to install or remove these clip-on mirrors, making it quick and easy to go from tow to no-tow. At just one per package, you’ll need two packages to cover both mirrors but these are an affordable option either way. Plus, if you forget how wide you are and clip one on a roadside obstacle, you don’t need to buy more replacements than you need.

10. DNA Motoring Powered Towing Mirrors

dna motoring powered towing mirrors

Couldn’t find a pickup in the spec you wanted with the fancy top-level sliding tow mirrors? Why not add them later on with a kit like these, designed for the 2003-2006 General Motors trucks and SUVs. It’s not an add-on, it replaces the mirror completely with a new assembly that can slide in for better fuel economy when you’re empty and pull out for better visibility when you’re towing.

The split-mirror lets you have two different viewing angles, while the power adjustment, LED turn signals, and heating elements for defrosting and defogging are a big upgrade over stock. Mirrors like these are offered for nearly every big pickup and body-on-frame SUV, so if you didn’t get the features you wanted new (or want to upgrade your used truck), this is ideal. The mirrors also fold in when you’re parked so that they aren’t sticking out and blocking traffic or the sidewalk.

What rear view mirror do I need?

best rear view mirrors

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If you’re looking for a rear view mirror upgrade, it’s important to know how much of an improvement you want, and how much work you’re willing to do. Because choices on here range from very small stick-on options that still give you a meaningful improvement, all the way to screen- and camera-equipped options that offer more features but may require professional installation. If you want every bell and whistle, and are willing to pay to have it installed or spend the time doing it yourself, any of the camera options on this list are great for every different type of driving. If you want easy, traditional, and reliable, then one of the expanded surface mirrors or add-on mirrors is more likely what you’re looking for.

How do I upgrade my rear view mirror?

Some of these mirrors attach directly to your existing parts using straps or clips. They’re the easiest to install because of that. Others replace your existing mirror, which usually means unscrewing and removing your factory mirror and replacing it. Then you’ll need to run electrical connectors if your new mirror has a camera or similar high-tech extras. Some of these options attach to your existing mirror using double-sided tape. Be sure to follow the preparation instructions to make sure there are no issues down the road.

Do I need a camera or GPS in my rear view mirror?

Do you need one? Probably not, since drivers have used only a small piece of glass for more than a century. Then again, you don’t really need a new rear view mirror, do you? That doesn’t mean you don’t want one, though, and why shouldn’t you enjoy all of the benefits of a modern high-tech car on yours that might not be quite so new anymore. Add the safety of extra vision with the peace of mind of a dashcam with GPS data and the ability to record that person who bumped you in a parking lot.

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