The venerable Toyota 4Runner is a perennial favorite among those who like to venture off the beaten path. Even in its current form, on sale for over a decade without any major changes, the rig continues to command big money both in the new and second-hand markets, while previous-generation models are also outrageously popular. Given their reputation, it only makes sense that there is a veritable truckload of accessories available in the aftermarket.

With this in mind, we scoured the web for five of the best Toyota 4Runner accessories one can install. Venturing off the beaten path has never been this much fun.

Body Armor HiLine Winch Front Bumper

Body Armor HiLine Winch Front Bumper on the Toyota 4Runner

Fitting 4Runner models from 2014 to present, this rugged Body Armor bumper is just the ticket if you want to add a winch to the front of your rig. Made of 3/16-inch plate, it also fits a 20-inch dual row LED light. The winch mount is made of slightly sterner stuff, measuring a full 1/4 inch. (One has to supply their own light and winch, of course.)

Given the raft of modern safety equipment on today’s trucks, Body Armor has even gone through the trouble of designing a removable bull bar to accommodate 2020 model year 4Runners that are equipped with Toyota’s Safety Sense technology. The high clearance design of this bumper assures it’ll fit and skirt around the factory TRD skid plate as well.

Featured Product: MagnaFlow Overland Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow Overland Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System for Toyota 4Runner

MagnaFlow is one of the most recognized brands in its segment, so it’s a safe bet they did their homework before producing this performance exhaust system. From the company‚Äôs Overland Series, this product provides the performance and versatility that is demanded by serious off-road adventurers and overlanders.

A high clearance design gives drivers one less thing to worry about, tucking the exit high and out of the way. In other words, it’ll take an especially boneheaded move to bash this thing on a set of unforgiving rocks. Its robust stainless-steel construction, meanwhile, can withstand tough terrain, making it the ideal companion for overland journeys in which the drive is as important as the destination.

All of the company’s Overland Series products have been specifically tuned to minimize drone and be comfortable for long drives while still bringing out the unique character of your vehicle’s engine. These exhaust systems are made in America and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

*This is a sponsored placement.

4Runner Raptor Lights

Toyota 4Runner Raptor Lights

Taking a page — and even an, ahem, name — from a certain other off-road brute, these so-called Raptor lights do a great job of giving your new 4Runner a distinct and hella-cool appearance. This quartet of LED lamps are available in amber or white and, like the stuff your cousin Eddie brought for the holidays, can be smoked. Unlike that, however, these lights are waterproof.

A simple and easy installation is on tap thanks to a complete kit that includes all the necessary parts, so drop the cutting torch. Depending on which variant you select, they’ll either snap right into the grille openings or are easily fastened to the grille using an included backplate. These are suitable for 2014 and up 4Runners, but be sure to note one important restriction for the 2020 model year.

ARB Safari Snorkel

ARB Safari Snorkel for Toyota 4Runner

Adding a snorkel is one of the sure-fire ways to advertise your overlanding intentions. Sure, this is an accessory that’s mocked by a few keyboard warriors, but they’re just jealous. The rest of us know this type of product helps ensure water does not make its way through your airbox and into your engine while crossing rivers and unexpected floodways.

ARB has been marketing off-road gear for ages, lending a significant amount of confidence to one’s purchasing decision. This thing is said to be computer designed and lab tested, meaning it should fit out of the box without strange contortions or loose-fitting parts. Its UV-stable polyethylene body should resist the sun’s relentless rays, meaning it won’t fade like an Iowa radio station.

Old Man Emu BP-51 Lift Kit

Old Man Emu BP-51 Lift Kit Toyota 4Runner

Designed and engineered by ARB (sound familiar?), this lift kit from Old Man Emu jacks yer 4Runner 2.5 – 3 inches skyward, making room for bigger tires and bigger adventures. A 2-inch shock piston with an internal bypass pushes the outside diameter to roughly three inches. Remote reservoirs at each corner round out the deal.

The body, reservoir and components are all made from aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish. This construction should aid in heat dissipation while guarding against stone damage, something that’s likely to assault your vehicle while out on the trail. Damping is easily adjustable across a range of settings for both rebound and compression, permitting the driver to dial in ride performance for road conditions, vehicle load, or simply personal preference.

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