Top 10 Best Wheel Spacers: Give Your Ride the Perfect Stance

Evan Williams
by Evan Williams

It can be tough trying to get just the right look for your car or truck. You find the right wheel, but it’s the wrong offset. It sits too far in or too far out. Maybe it doesn’t look right, or maybe it doesn’t clear your brake calipers by just the smallest amount? What do you do, spend thousands to get the wheels you want in the custom size you need? Cut up a set of factory wheels in hopes that a shop can get you what you want? No, what you need are wheel spacers.

Wheel spacers are the best way to fit a wheel that’s not quite the right size for your car or truck onto your car safely. They fit over your existing hub and space the wheel out from the hub, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, to give you the look you want or the stance you want. They can even help a wheel that has the wrong center size fit over your factory hubs. You can get them plain, shiny, or in a color that will help your ride stand out from the crowd.

The best ones are hub-centric, meaning they fit perfectly to the hub of your vehicle, that lip around the axle bolt, helping to center them on installation. They’re aluminum to save weight, and some even come with the longer bolts you’ll need to mount them (if you’re going with a wide spacer). You can get a set of four for a fraction of the cost of having custom wheels built.

1. Editor's Pick: Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

Spidertrax makes a wide range of off-road-ready parts, and one of those is its top-rated wheel spacers. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum for light weight and durability, the Spidertrax spacers, sold in pairs, are made in the U.S. and come pre-fitted with longer wheel studs and new lugnuts when required.

They have wheel studs fitted because a long stud on your factory wheel studs doesn't leave enough thread to safely attach the wheels. This kit has everything you need to safely install your spacers and wheels. This model is for popular Toyota truck models, but they sell versions for Ford, Jeep, Nissan, and even International trucks and SUVs, in multiple widths for the right fit and clearance. Plus the bright blue finish is unmistakable.

Product Features:

  • Blue anodizing
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Sold in packs of two

2. KSP Performance

KSP's hubcentric wheel spacers for Jeep JK Wrangler, XJ Cherokee, and other Jeep models are sold in sets of four, for when both the front and rear of the vehicle need the same extra width. This kit is two-inches wide and if you're dealing with multiple trucks on a regular basis, you'll appreciate that the company has marked the wheel bolt pattern and the center bore they're designed to fit right on the face of the spacer.

CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, they offer a 30-day refund policy and a 24-month free replacement service along with all the hardware you'll need for installation.

Product Features

  • 24-month replacement
  • Come with all hardware
  • Marked with size

3. Rough Country Spacers

Rough Country is another leading name in stuff to make your truck go off-road, and so these two-inch spacers for GMC and Chevrolet trucks are built tough. They're aluminum, and they come with the studs installed from the factory. More importantly, they come with a lifetime replacement policy from Rough Country.

Product Features

  • Lifetime replacement
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Factory pressed studs

4. Zhteapr Universal Wheel Spacers

If you aren’t spacing your wheels out far, but rather just need a few extra fractions of an inch, spacers like these from Zhteapr are just the ticket. Offered in a range of thicknesses, they can be just enough to keep your wheels or tires from rubbing.

Because they’re thin, they should work just fine with your factory studs and lug nuts. The universal bolt pattern lets them fit nearly any four or five-lug wheel from 4×98 all the way to 5×4.5-inches. They’ll work with most wheel center diameters as well, making this two-pack a flexible value.

Product Features

  • Multi-fit bolt pattern
  • Low Price
  • Flexible center diameter

5. ZY Wheel Spacers for Lug Bolts

If you’re driving a BMW, Volkswagen, or some other German cars, you know that your car doesn’t come with lug nuts, but instead has bolts. You can still use spacers, you just need a different style. Like this two-pack from ZY Wheel, 15 mm spacers that come with longer 40 mm lug bolts.

Those bolts make sure that your wheels are properly secured to your car and they’re just pushed out the way you want them. The black finish stays hidden behind the wheel and they’re labelled with the size, bolt pattern, and bolt thread for convenience. The large lip makes hanging your wheels easier, something everyone who has changed a tire on their BMW will appreciate.

Product Features

  • Lug bolts
  • Black finish
  • Extended lip

6. ECCPP HD Truck Spacers

Big trucks need big spacers, and these ones from ECCPP for Chevrolet and GMC HD pickups offer both. They're made for the eight-lug patterns of those pickups, and they're three-inches wide to help make sure that the wheels are pushed out as far as you need them to be.

Product Features

  • Extra wide
  • Eight-lug for big trucks
  • All bright finish

7. Venum Wheels Black Wheel Spacers

Most of the spacers we've shown you so far come with all the hardware you'll need, but most of them offer it to you only in chrome. If you want everything to match, even if it won't always be visible, these hub centric wheel spacers for Ford trucks have black wheel studs and black lug nuts. Made in the U.S. and with an anodized finish for looks and durability, they'll enhance your stance and your vehicle's looks.

Product Features

  • All-black hardware
  • Size marked on exterior
  • Made in USA

8. Rough Country Red Spacers

These wheel spacers from Rough Country don't do anything the others don't, but they offer one feature we can't find anywhere else. Instead of black, silver, or blue, these spacers are red! They'll really stand out inside your wheels, or when your wheels are off, and isn't that all part of what you're looking for? Backed with a lifetime warranty, these two-inch spacers are offered for 1988-2020 GMC and Chevrolet trucks and large SUVs and come in pairs.

Product Features

  • Red finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All hardware included

9. Richeer Wheel Adapters

When the wheels you absolutely need aren't available in the right bolt pattern for your ride, you're not necessarily out of luck. Wheel adapters are spacers with a difference. Instead of having a set of holes in one pattern and a new set of studs in another, adapters like these ones from Richeer offer two different bolt patterns. The holes match your car, and the studs match the wheels you're putting on.

Made from forged aluminum for strength and light weight, these adapters even come with thread-locking liquid to make sure that nothing comes untorqued until you want it to. A two-year warranty offers peace of mind.

Product Features

  • Thread locking included
  • Lets you fit wheels in other sizes
  • Two-year warranty

10. EzAccessory Bolt Hole Adapters

If your car has four lug wheels, like older Volkswagens, BMWs, and Mazdas, you might want to fit a more modern wheel that's only offered with five holes. These wheel spacers from EZAccessory, sold in packs of two, can solve that problem for you.

Designed to attach to a wheel hub that has four bolts, the two pieces of the spacer are held together with hex head screws. The second part of the spacer has five studs pre-pressed so that it will correctly and securely fit your five-bolt wheels. Giving you more flexibility with your wheel options giving you the look you crave.

Product Features

  • Includes all hardware
  • Fits 5-bolt wheels on 4-bolt cars
  • Pre-pressed studs

Why are Wheel Spacers Important?

Proper spacing of your wheels makes sure that your tires fit in the wheel wells the way the manufacturer intended if you're using wheels that didn't come on the car or truck. Improperly spaced wheels can rub against your brake calipers, your shocks, or even your fenders, causing potential damage or even a crash.

They're also a key part of how your vehicle looks. Wheels that sit too far inside the arches are hidden and can look small. Pushing them out can help make your vehicle look more muscular, as though they had wider tires without using wider tires.

Lastly, a wider track can help vehicle handling. They can change how the vehicle rolls in corners, affecting weight transfer and potentially improving cornering.

How to Buy Wheel Spacers

The most important thing you need is your vehicle's bolt pattern. Also called PCD, it's the number of fasteners needed and then the distance (in mm) between the farthest points of the circle. Instead of measuring, since there are only a few existing patterns, it's easiest to look up your vehicle. The wrong spacer, say 5x112 instead of 5x114.3, won't fit.

Next is the thickness you want. How far you want your wheels pushed out. Too thick and your tire could impact the fender. Too narrow and the spacer might not be enough.

When shopping for wheel spacers, look for spacers that include pressed-in studs and a set of lug nuts or bolts so that you don't need to purchase more hardware when your spacers arrive. You're also going to want to make sure they're aluminum for corrosion resistance and lighter weight, and while there's not much to break, a longer warranty is always better.

How to install Wheel Spacers

Start by following the directions for any special steps, including use of thread locking compound, but generally, you properly jack up your vehicle and remove the wheel. Put the spacer in place, then you tighten and properly torque the nuts on the spacers. Check the instructions or your vehicle manual if you need the right torque figure. Then put the wheel on the new studs and torque the wheel in place.

Make sure to check your wheel torque after 60 miles whenever you have your wheels off of your vehicle.

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