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Stand-out looks, engaging to drive, chock-full of tech


Stand-out looks, tight on headroom, pricey for its size

Bottom Line

The Genesis GV60 is barely an SUV, but it is a cutting-edge, grin-inducing EV capable of embarrassing some serious machinery. Get it in one of the funky colors, please.

2023 Genesis GV60 First Drive Review: Keep EVs Weird

There is no better place for the 2023 Genesis GV60 launch than Austin, Texas.

The “keep Austin weird” vibe is inescapable. Change is in the air, too. Heck, Genesis has the assembled auto journos all start our journey on Electric Drive, a charger-lined bit of road right beside the old power plant.

As Genesis’ first fully electric model, the GV60 needs to make a statement. And make one it does. Call it a crossover, call it a hatchback—whatever it is, the GV60 is a style-forward personal luxury vehicle that sits on the cutting edge while avoiding easy classification.

At the debut of the brand’s first SUV, the GV80 in 2020, company PR man Jarred Pellat told AutoGuide that Genesis would be skipping right over hybrid or plug-in models and going straight to full electrification. Not even two years later, the GV60 is the first result.

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Genesis GV60 vs Volvo C40 Comparison: High-Style EV Face-Off

The EV market is growing at such a pace that automakers can now start exploring niches. The latest examples? The Genesis GV60 and Volvo C40.

Both of these all-electric offerings are ostensibly SUVs, but not really. In operation the GV60, with its wild looks and squat shape, is more of a tall hatchback. Same goes for the Volvo C40; it’s right there in the name, the C prefix traditionally going on coupes and hatchbacks.

Both Genesis and Volvo know the market craves SUVs, though. So unlike our last premium EV comparison, which saw two sedans face off, this one pits two high-style crossovers against one another. Even if they saw just as little time off the tarmac. Managing Editor Mike Schlee joined me to figure out which one is the king of this niche.

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Genesis GV60 vs Tesla Model Y: Which EV SUV is Right for You?

The Tesla Model Y is one of the most easy-to-recognize electric SUVs on the road.

Though increasing shopper interest in electric vehicles means more and more competitors are joining the scene. One of these is the GV60, the first electric crossover model available from Korean luxury brand Genesis.

Both the Tesla Model Y and Genesis GV60 are AWD-equipped, fully-electric crossover sport utes. They seek to attract new and veteran EV shoppers with their tech, range, performance, charging times and exclusive features. Both models are available in various configurations to match a wide range of shopper tastes and preferences, too.

Of course, some crucial differences exist between these machines. Below, we’ll line up the Genesis GV60 vs Tesla Model Y side by side to examine the key similarities and differences. The goal is to discover where these machines are the closest—and furthest—from one another. It’s all to help set you up with useful information to help make a better purchase decision.

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Detailed Specs


$52,000 - $69.550


Single Motor / Dual Motor


225 hp / 314 - 429 hp


258 lb-ft / 446 - 516 lb-ft




Single-Speed Automatic

Efficiency (city/hwy)

97–125 MPGe / 82-99 MPGe

Cargo Capacity

24.0 cu ft

Our Final Verdict

Genesis GV60



Quality and Styling9.0
Value6.0 Staff Staff

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