If you’ve managed to break or lose a hubcap (or four) off your car, you’re likely tired of its unsightly appearance. Most vehicles that come with hubcaps from the factory likely have very unattractive steel wheels behind them—what are often called “steelies.” They make your car look cheap and even damaged, since something is clearly missing.

Now, your first instinct is likely to get factory replacements, either online or straight from the dealership. But there are some aftermarket options that are not only cheaper, but more stylish. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular hubcaps currently available. There are a couple things to note however, before you start checking out our picks.

First, we decided to choose universal fit items, instead of specific OEM replacement applications. Since not everyone drives the exact same car, we populated our options from products that fit a wide variety of vehicles. Before you add anything to your cart however, make sure to check that it does fit your specific vehicle.

Second, make sure the hubcap you’re purchasing is the right size for your wheel. You’ll need to see what diameter wheel you have to determine the hubcap size to purchase. Not all hubcaps will be available in your specific wheel’s size, so we highlighted the size options to make it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

1. Editor's Pick: Pilot Automotive Spyder Hubcaps (14"-17")

pilot universal fit spyder wheel covers

This product is one of the most popular and highly rated hubcaps on Amazon. They’re available in sizes from 14″ to 17″ and have a stylish appearance. You can also choose from two different finishes: black/silver or gunmetal grey. You’ll notice that many of the hubcaps on our list comes from Pilot Automotive, a company that offers a variety of hubcap styles that all look better than factory hubcaps.

These hubcaps use a micro-adjustable retention system for a perfect fit onto your vehicle and is constructed from corrosion- and rust-resistant ABS. Pilot Automotive says all its hubcaps will fit most models from popular vehicle brands including Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and more.

2. Alpena VR Carbon Hubcaps (14"-16")

alpena vr carbon hubcaps

These hubcaps aren’t actually manufactured from real carbon fiber, but they do give that appearance. Featuring a thick multi-spoke design, the Alpena VR Carbon hubcaps are available in 14″ to 16″ sizes and are made in Europe from quality durable ABS plastic. They use a unique 3-step retention system featuring an adjustable inner ring for a tight fit. These hubcaps are compatible with most steel wheels and will add a nice, sporty look to your car.

3. Pilot Automotive Premier Hubcaps (14"-16")

pilot universal fit premier toyota camry style wheel covers

Another design Pilot Automotive offers is the Premier hubcap, which is styled similarly to one of the Toyota Camry’s factory wheels. Available in black or silver, these hubcaps are offered in sizes 14″ to 16″, featuring a fairly traditional 10-spoke design with accents on each spoke. Like other Pilot Automotive hubcaps, they’re manufactured from corrosion- and rust-resistant ABS. These hubcaps will fit a wide variety of makes and models, but as always, check to make sure they’ll fit your specific vehicle before adding them to your cart.

4. Pilot Automotive Cobra Hubcaps (15"-16")

pilot universal fit cobra wheel covers

If you’re looking to add a sportier appearance to your vehicle, Pilot Automotive offers the Cobra hubcap in 15″ and 16″ sizes. This hubcap features a multi-spoke design in black and chrome finish along with a red trim designed to resemble the “lip” of the wheel. These are one of the few hubcaps that properly resemble aftermarket wheels that are significantly more expensive. A good way to change up the way your car looks without breaking the bank.

5. OxGord 16" Hubcaps

oxgord hubcaps wheel covers

Another popular manufacturer of hubcaps is OxGord. This particular model is available in 16″ sizes only and have a fairly traditional split five-spoke design with a bit more style. They are constructed from heat- and impact-resistant ABS plastic and use adjustable steel retention rings to lock them into place. OxGord includes a nice 1-year limited warranty with its hubcaps.

6. Pilot Automotive Black and Chrome Hubcaps (14"-16")

pilot universal fit black and chrome wheel covers

Here’s another offering from Pilot Automotive, available in 14″ to 16″ sizes. This is a sporty eight-spoke design wheel finished in black and chrome, giving the impression that your car actually has a set of expensive aftermarket wheels. Again, these hubcaps are manufactured from corrosion- and rust-resistant ABS and will fit a wide variety of vehicle applications.

7. Pilot Automotive Formula Series Hubcaps (14"-17")

pilot automotive formula performance series wheel covers

For something a bit more exotic is Pilot Automotive’s Formula Series hubcaps. Featuring a rather interesting and unique design, these multi-spoke hubcaps are available in 14″ to 17″ sizes in silver with black chrome, silver with black, and black with chrome. These hubcaps are a good choice if you’re looking to really change the look of your car, since they’ll give the impression that you bought more expensive wheels.

8. OxGord Hubcaps—Multiple Designs (12"-18")

oxgord hubcaps wheel covers

This product listing from OxGord actually features multiple designs, depending on the size of the hubcap you need. Choose from 12″ to 18″ offerings, with a different style for each size. There is also a variety of finishes depending on the hubcap model, including white, silver, black, and chrome. Like the other OxGord hubcaps on this list, all these different style hubcaps are manufactured from heat- and impact-resistant ABS.

9. Drive Accessories Hubcaps (17")

drive accessories plastic wheel cover hubcap

If you want something that looks like a factory hubcap and need a 17″ replacement, Drive Accessories has you covered. Sporting a traditional seven-spoke design, these hub caps use adjustable retention rings for a secure grip and feature a silver/lacquer finish to fight against extreme weather and corrosion.

10. OxGord Hubcaps (15")

oxgord hubcaps wheel covers

Our last option from OxGord are these 15″ hubcaps, featuring a more full-faced design. These are one of the most affordable hubcaps on our list, so if you’re just looking for something to cover up your 15″ steelies, this is the way to go. The design on these hubcaps likely doesn’t fit everyone’s tastes, but it’ll look better than having no hubcaps at all.

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