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If you’re a passionate gamer, you’ve likely heard the argument that PC gaming is superior to console gaming. Although it’s more expensive than simply buying a console and connecting it to your TV, PC does offer significantly more games and experiences than console gaming. Now, if you’re here on, you’re likely into driving simulators/racing games, and the PC has plenty of options. If you’ve invested a good amount of money into your rig and want the best racing experience, it’s time to buy a racing wheel.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 best PC racing wheels for driving simulators, all of which can also be used on either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. Most racing wheels in today’s market are cross-platform, although many will only work with either PlayStation and PC or Xbox and PC. There are a few that work on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with PC, but they’re not as common.

Along with the best PC racing wheels, we’ll also recommend some accessories you can get for your PC to maximize your racing experience.

For more information on the top 5 best PC racing wheels for driving simulators, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: Logitech G29/G920

logitech g920 dual motor force feedback racing wheel

If your budget allows, our top pick is the Logitech G29 or Logitech G920. Both wheels are compatible with the PC, but the G29 also works with the PlayStation 4, while the G920 is for the Xbox One. If you don’t care about console compatibility, get the G920 since PC games generally use Xbox buttons as reference. Available with an optional shifter, the G29/G920 features a dual-motor force feedback steering wheel so you can feel your tires on every turn and type of terrain. That means all under- and over-steering gets fed right back to the wheel so you can respond accordingly. Logitech uses solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft, while the hand-stitched leather wheel cover and stainless steel paddle shifters add a premium feel.

What makes this racing wheel so great? For starters, helical transmission gears reduce noise and vibration, while anti-backlash keeps the wheel and pedals tight. Hall-effect sensor uses magnetic fields to precisely sense the position of the wheel. As you can tell from the photo, all the game controls you need are right there on the wheel, so you can easily navigate menus in the game. Lastly, this wheel turns 900 degrees lock-to-lock, the same as a racecar wheel.

The throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch pedals add to the experience and you can even reposition the pedal faces for easy heel-toe maneuvers. At the bottom, rubber feet and a retractable carpet grip system helps keep your pedals exactly where you place them.

Product features:

  • G29 – PC/PS4
  • G920 – PC/Xbox One
  • Shifter sold separately
  • Dual-motor force feedback steering wheel
  • Solid steel ball bearings in wheel shaft
  • Hand-stitched leather wheel cover
  • Stainless steel paddle shifters
  • Helical transmission gears
  • Anti-backlash
  • Hall-effect sensor
  • Built-in game controls
  • 900 degrees lock-to-lock
  • Throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch pedals
  • Pedal faces can be repositioned for easier heel-toe
  • Rubber feet and retractable carpet grip system

2. Thrustmaster T150 RS

thrustmaster t150 rs racing wheel

Thrustmaster has a few different racing wheels available for the PC, and one of our personal favorites is the T150 RS. The smooth, precise, and silent racing wheel uses a mixed belt-pulley and gears system to deliver realistic force feedback effects. Rotation angle on this racing wheel is adjustable from 270 degrees to 1080 degrees, while reinforced rubber-coated grips add comfort. The wheel measures 11″ in diameter and has all the built-in official PlayStation buttons so you can easily navigate through the menus (compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4).

Included with the racing wheel is an adjustable pedal set with a wide footrest. Each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted to 3 different positions, while the brake pedal’s progressive resistance adds more realism to the experience.

The T150 RS is compatible with several Thrustmaster accessories that are sold separately: Thrustmaster T3PA 3-pedal set, Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 3-pedal set, Thrustmaster TH8A shifter, and Thrustmaster BT LED display (PS4 only).

Product features:

  • Compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Mixed belt-pulley and gears system delivers realistic force feedback effects
  • Rotation angle is adjustable from 270° to 1080°
  • Reinforced rubber-coated grips
  • 11″ diameter
  • Built-in official PlayStation buttons
  • Includes adjustable pedal set
  • Compatible with many different Thrustmaster accessories (sold separately)

3. Thrustmaster TMX Pro

thrustmaster tmx pro racing wheel

Another option from Thrustmaster, the TMX PRO is one of the most popular racing wheels on Amazon for PC gamers. It’s the official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows, featuring a 900-degree force feedback system with a mixed belt-pulley and gears system for the steering wheel, along with a metal ball-bearing axle. The kit includes the T3PA 3-pedal set, featuring 100% metal pedals that are fully adjustable. An optional Thrustmaster TH8A shifter is compatible, but sold separately.

This 11″ diameter racing wheel features reinforced rubber-coated grips for maximum comfort, while sequential gear shifts can be done via the two large 100% metal paddle shifters. Rotation angle is adjustable from 270 degrees to 900 degrees for a realistic experience. Built-in Xbox controls allow you to easily navigate through menus without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Product features:

  • Official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows
  • 900-degree force feedback system
  • Mixed belt-pulley and gears
  • Metal ball-bearing axle
  • Includes Thrustmaster T3PA 3-pedal set (100% metal)
  • Thrustmaster TH8A shifter is compatible, but sold separately
  • 11″ diameter
  • Reinforced rubber-coated grips
  • 100% metal paddle shifters
  • Rotation angle is 270º to 900º
  • Built-in Xbox controls

4. HORI Racing Wheel Apex

hori racing wheel apex

The Racing Wheel Apex (RWA) from HORI is one of the more affordable options on our list and even offers a wireless variant. Officially licensed by Sony, the RWA works with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s a full-size racing wheel measuring 11″ in diameter and all the buttons are fully programmable so you can freely assign functions to all buttons, pedals, and paddles. Now, unlike more expensive wheels, the RWA only allows you to select from 180 degrees or 270 degrees of rotation. It does have an adjustable dead zone and sensitivity so you can fine tune your gameplay experience.

The wheel itself has a textured rubberized grip for control and comfort, while the pedals also have customizable input sensitivity. A retractable foot rest comes in handy if you need the extra support.

HORI also offers racing wheels for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles, although those are not compatible with PC.

Product features:

  • One of the more affordable options
  • Available wireless variant
  • Officially licensed by Sony (also works with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4)
  • Full-size racing wheel (11″ diameter)
  • Fully programmable buttons
  • Select from 180 degrees or 270 degrees of rotation
  • Adjustable dead zone and sensitivity
  • Textured rubberized grip
  • Pedals have customizable input sensitivity, retractable foot rest

5. Subsonic Drive Pro Sport

subsonic drive pro sport sa5156

We could have easily filled this spot with yet another option from Thrustmaster, but every list needs a choice from an obscure brand that’s just really affordable. For this list, that honor goes to Subsonic with its Drive Pro Sport racing wheel, which is compatible with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One consoles. Featuring double vibration motors and 270-degree rotation, this option clearly isn’t as robust as other products on our list. So why mention this? Well, maybe you’re shopping for a younger gamer who isn’t advanced enough to take advantage of a full-fledged racing wheel. You don’t necessarily have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get that racing simulator experience.

The Subsonic Drive Pro Sport features fully programmable buttons and has 3 different steering sensitivity modes. It even includes a shifter in the compact all-in-one package. This racing wheel can be attached to a desk with its suction cups, or you can even play on the couch with it in your lap thanks to the curved bottom.

Product features:

  • Affordable, budget-friendly option
  • Compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One consoles
  • Double vibration motors
  • 270º rotation
  • Fully programmable buttons
  • 3 different steering sensitivity modes
  • Includes a shifter
  • Can be attached via suction cups
  • Curved base allows you to use it on the couch

Other Accessories to Enhance Your PC Racing Experience

next level racing gtultimate v2 simulator cockpit

Typically, a home gaming PC is set up quite differently than a console. Meaning that the PC is likely at a desk connected to a monitor (or monitors), compared to a console in your living room that is hooked up to a large television. Because of that, you’ll need a different type of cockpit setup if you want to maximize your driving simulator experience on the PC. Which is why we recommend the GTultimate V2 simulator cockpit from Next Level Racing. Featuring numerous adjustments and a custom designed race seat that can accommodate up to 330 pounds comfortably, this cockpit can easily be separated and folds up for storage.

The entire setup tips the scale at approximately 100 lbs, so it’s extremely sturdy. The wheel, gear shifter, and pedal positions are completely adjustable, and extra include seat glider, gear shifter holder, lumbar support cushion, and a 4-point racing harness. Keep in mind, this is just for the cockpit—the racing wheel, pedals, and shifter are not included.

Product features:

  • Full featured racing cockpit
  • Custom designed race seat
  • Accommodates up to 330 lbs
  • Easily separates into 2 pieces that fold up for storage
  • Adjustable wheel, gear shifter, and pedal positions
  • Includes seat glider, gear shifter holder, lumbar support cushion, and a 4-point harness

Next Level Racing Monitor Stand

next level racing monitor stand

The reason why we recommend the Next Level Racing GTultimate V2 cockpit is because of this optional accessory—the Next Level Racing monitor stand. The stand bolts directly onto the front of the GTultimate V2 simulator cockpit and supports up to a single 55″ screen, or a trio of 30″ screens. It sports a reversible design, which means you can have the screens further or closer to you by reversing the monitor stand posts. You can adjust both the angle and height with this monitor stand, which accommodates all standard VESA mounting patterns (75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 100mm, 200mm x 200mm, and 400mm x 200mm).

The stand is also compatible with the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand or Flight Simulator.

Product features:

  • Compatible with Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, GTultimate V2 Cockpit, or Flight Simulator
  • Supports up to (1) 55″ screen or (3) 30″ screens
  • Reversible design so you can have screens further or closer to you
  • Angle and height adjustable
  • Fits all standard VESA mounting patterns

Take it to a Whole New Level with Virtual Reality (VR)

htc vive pro starter edition

If your gaming PC can handle it, get the most out of your racing experience by investing in a virtual reality headset. There are a few options to choose from, including the well-known Oculus, but we recommend HTC’s VIVE lineup. Choose from the Pro Eye, Pro, Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, or standard VIVE depending on your budget. Specs differ depending on which model you choose, but let’s take a look at the Pro Starter Kit. This kit includes the VIVE Pro Headset, a pair of SteamVR Base Stations, and 2 VIVE controllers, providing precision movement tracking in a space up to 11’5″ by 11’5″ and accommodates seating, standing, or room-scale experiences.

The VIVE Pro features dual AMOLED displays with a combined 2800 x 1600 resolution, along with high-impedance headphones with 3D spatial sound support.

There are cheaper options available depending on your budget. Just make sure your computer is capable of handling VR and that you don’t get motion sickness too easily. Racing games in virtual reality provide an experience that’s as close as you can get to the real thing while sitting inside your house, but it definitely comes at a price.

Product features:

  • HTC VIVE lineup has plenty of options depending on your budget
  • Also consider Oculus and Samsung VR products
  • Either way, make sure your computer can handle it… and your body too

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