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Few things can make you more furious than a rock flying up and chipping your windshield. Not only does it make your car look janky, but it can also impact your visibility and be a safety hazard.

You have a handful of options to fix it: You can get a new windshield, which will cost you an arm and a leg, you could use the services of a professional glass repair company, which would cost you half a kidney, or you could use a DIY windshield repair kit.

But do these kits even work or are they just a scam? Your success in using a DIY windshield repair kit will depend on a few factors, but they aren’t a miracle solution and won’t completely erase a crack or chip.

A kit will work to some extent, fixing or stopping the damage from getting worse. Realistically, they will not fully remove the rock chip or the crack, but a good DIY kit will stop the crack from expanding and save your windshield from further damage while hiding the damage from plain sight.

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A chip or a crack in the windshield can increase in size if left unattended. This can pose a safety risk and also reduce the driver’s visibility. DIY windshield repair kits will fix the aesthetic appearance of your windshield while providing safety from further damage. A good kit will hide the damage and one will have to look really hard to even notice it. Some windshield damage will certainly require the expertise of a professional, but a DIY kit can, in most cases of small cracks and rock chips, save you a good amount of money.

There are dozens of DIY windshield repair kits in the market right now, but we’ve gone through all the reviews and ratings and narrowed it down. The one common element between most of the kits is the resin solution that comes with it. It helps fill the crack/chipped area and strengthens the surrounding area of the glass. Here are the best windshield repair kits you can buy:

1. Editor's Pick: Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

rain-x windshield repair kit

Rain-X is known for making superb car care products. From headlight restoration kits to wiper blades, this company has the experience and technology to make car care products that are effective and long-lasting.

Their windshield repair kit is no exception. With great user ratings, this kit comes with a quad suction pad applicator and 0.96 ounces of resin glass repair fluid. This kit is super easy to use and, if done properly, will fix your crack or chip within minutes, excluding drying times. This kit can even fill longer cracks. Apart from windshields, it works on all kinds of laminated glass and windshields including quarter windows, side windows, and rear screen.

The company’s advanced resin formula helps minimize the crack/chip appearance very well and also protects your windshield from further damage. Because you’re getting more amount of fluid per package, this kit can be used for multiple repairs, making this a bargain.

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2. Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

permatex windshield repair kit

The Windshield Repair Kit from Permatex Canada Inc. is a high-tech heavy duty kit that makes permanent, air-tight repairs of bullseye cracks of up to 1.25 inches on any laminated glass window.

The company specializes in providing maintenance solutions to OEM parts manufacturers and engineering companies. Hence, their product for DIY window repair is better formulated than anything else on the market. The instruction manual that comes with the kit is very detailed, including photographs of the step-by-step procedure.

The liquid resin requires no mixing or preparing and provides a professional quality repair. The company recommends the repairs to be done in a shaded area with the repair area temperature between 50° F to 70° F. As the resin cures itself in sunlight, they recommend leaving the car in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

The kit comes with a newly redesigned state-of-the-art delivery system with an advanced spring lock feature. 

3. Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

blue star windshield repair kit

This windshield repair kit from Blue Star comes with a 1.6-ounce tube of resin liquid. The kit includes a repair injector, an adhesive alignment seal, resin chamber pedestal, resin liquid, a curing film and a razor blade to scrub off excess liquid from your windshield.

The company recommends the windshield repair work to be done in sunlight for best results. This kit seems to works better than most other kits in the market and users have reported their windshield cracks harder to see in daylight as compared to repair work done using other similar kits. 

This product can also work on shower doors and other laminated glass doors and windows.

4. Mookis Windshield Repair Kit

mookis windshield repair kit

Another kit from a lesser known brand, this is the Mookis DIY kit. The company claims to be ISO and ROHS certified. Analytics and buying patterns suggest that 30% of the customers have re-ordered this kit after their first experience with it. The Mookis kit comes with standard equipment such as a repair resin bottle, applicator with suction pads, curing sheet and a razor blade to remove excess liquid.

The kit can repair rock chips of up to 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter and will be ineffective on pits or cracks larger than 5 mm. The preparing and application time, as suggested by the company is around 20 minutes, and 2 hours for curing time in direct sunlight. Their resin liquid is made with an advanced bonding formula and is enough to be used for 2-4 repairs. The fluid once cured right, can sustain pressures of up to 20PA. The company claims the repair area will stay intact even after the windshield breaks.

5. 3M Windshield Repair Kit

3m windshield repair kit

3M is a renowned company producing some of the best car care and home improvement products and their windshield repair kit is one of them. The kit comes with a dual suction stabilizer, a bottle of resin liquid, a couple of wipes, a dropper, and a blade. Also included is an excellent quality, concise instructions manual.

This kit requires no mixing or heating and the mount supplied with the kit holds pressure really well. Although the kit works phenomenally well, some users suggest to use your own screws on the suction cups rather than using the screws that come with the kit. That is the only drawback of this kit.

6. VERSACHEM Windshield Repair Kit

versachem windshield repair kit

VERSACHEM is a U.S.-based company that has been manufacturing DIY adhesive, sealing, and automotive repairing products for the last 35 years. Their windshield repair kit comes with a 1.8 fl-oz tube of resin liquid and can repair chips and cracks of up to 1.25 inches in diameter. As tested, this kit can only be used once and cannot be reused for multiple cracks or chips. Like all other kits, this one, when applied, cures within 1 hour in direct sunlight. 

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7. PDR King Windshield Repair Kit

pdr king windshield repair kit

Chinese companies are now upping their game in the car care product segment. The PDR King Windshield repair kit is an effective product by Chinese tool manufacturer Super PDR. This kit can repair most types of glass damage including bullseye cracks, star cracks, and longer trailing cracks. The cure time as stated by the manufacturer is 20 minutes, which makes this one of the fastest drying kits on the market.

The company guarantees the kit’s effectiveness, claiming it stops cracks from spreading further. The resin injection technology employed in this kit uses vacuum high-pressure injection technology, which removes the air from the crack while you’re applying the adhesive. This acts as a strengthening bond to further toughen the damaged area. The kit can repair cracks of various shapes measuring up to 3 cm of damage area.

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8. EWK Auto Windshield Repair Kit

ewk auto windshield repair kit

Another kit from a Chinese manufacturer, this one is from a company that manufactures tools for commercial use like auto shops and small engineering companies. The kit comes with all your standard tools like a suction cup-equipped stabilizer, a blade to clean residue, a cleaning cloth and the resin filler liquid.

The kit works pretty well with smaller chips, not so with larger cracks and chips. Customers have reported filling in up to 15 rock chips with a single bottle. Some customer also reported that it hides cracks and chips better than they expected it to, so for the price, this is a good product.

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9. J-B Weld Windshield Repair Kit

j-b weld windshield repair kit

This windshield repair kit is made by the famous J-B Weld company, known for producing patented epoxy products. This kit is made in the U.S. and comes with a patented step by step system. The kit guarantees to minimize chips and cracks and prevent further damage. It can repair cracks and chips of up to 1.25 inches in diameter.

Once applied correctly, the repair job leaves a smooth texture to your damaged windshield. One bottle or resin can work on 3 small pits. Customers have reported curing times of 12 hours or leaving it overnight making this one of the slower curing kits. Similar to other J-B weld products, this one works pretty well if you follow the instructions.

10. ATG Windshield Repair Kit

atg windshield repair kit

This DIY windshield repair kit is a product from ATG GmbH, a German manufacturer of car care products. Along with fixing chipped or cracked glass, this kit can also fix other optical issues and distortions in the glass such as scratches caused by bad windshield wipers, ice scrapers, etc.

This kit can also restore old glass in vintage or classic cars. This is an added feature of this kit that makes it stand out from the other products on this list. No other DIY kit has the ability to restore old glass. The kit comes with a resin injector syringe, metal scraper blade, cleaning cloth, cleaning pin, adhesive seal and the resin liquid itself.

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