Tesla Model S Sedan Images Leaked

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Ahead of Tesla’s media event and press conference, set to be held today at noon Pacific Time, three images of the electric car company’s latest project have leaked onto the interwebs.

Two of the three photos depict a vehicle that looks alarmingly similar to Jaguar’s XF sedan – a car on which it might just be based. Remember, the Tesla Roadster is essentially a Lotus Elise underneath. We might even go so far as to say the Tesla model looks better than the Jag – especially with that stunning panoramic glass roof.

Oh… and those wheels are VERY SLR.

The third photo is of the incomplete interior of the car, with hi-tech looking gauges and what appears to be a large LCD screen for HVAC and Audio controls.

The new Model S from Tesla will be priced from $57,400 and be available for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

There is no word on what the specific powerpant will be in the Model S but we’ll be sure to bring you more details later today.

GALLERY: Tesla Model S

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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  • Nate Nate on Jul 15, 2009

    The Tesla is my dream come true, I hope to be able to get an s model and a roadster... There is no other car I would rather own! Thank god for Tesla! sincerely, air breather