Gemballa Brings 750hp “Tornado GTS” Cayenne to Top Marques Monaco



A regular at the Top Marques Monaco show, German Porsche tuner and car manufacturer Gemballa is back again for 2009 with an expectedly outrageous creation. It might not be the sparkly bass-boat Mirage GT (based on the Porsche Carrera GT) that Gemballa had on show last year, but the Tornado GTS is sure to get a lot of looks.

Based on the new 957-chassis Cayenne Turbo, it has been transformed into a widebody beast with a certifiably unique new front end. Coated in a matte-black paint (or what Gemballa calls gunmetal matte-gray), the body of the car also features plenty of carbon fiber accents. The SUV also rolls on Gemballa’s latest wheel design, the Tornado GT Sport Forged.

Under the new hood (which flips forward by the way) is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo 4.8-liter twin-turbo engine which has been upgraded to produces no less than 750hp.


Inside the Cayenne has been transformed to the same extent as the outside, something which is hinted about in the Gemballa designation. Technically called the Tornado GTS 750 4, this SUV is now a four-seater and treats every occupant with the same level of Alcantara-coated luxury.

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