Kia to Release Special Edition Denim Soul

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

So far Kia has had a lot of success with its trendy new Soul model, receiving plenty of positive feedback on the car. The Korean automaker isn’t about to let the favorable public relations end there either, as it is poised to launch a new special edition of the compact crossover-thingy.

The folks over at Autoblog spotted this special edition version while out reviewing the Forte and have confirmed that it will be called the Denim Soul – presumably after the blue-shade of paint and not because the interior features a Levis-esque fabric.

The only other details we have are what you can see here. It will come with a set of white stripes and also features white-painted wheels. We should expect some interior upgrades, but they will most likely come in the form of audio equipment.

The decision to start launching special edition Soul models by Kia is a smart one as people looking to purchase a unique car like this will certainly appreciate the extra-individuality offered by a limited edition car. Scion has followed a similar formula with its many “Release Series” models, which makes us wonder if this is just the first of many special edition Souls.

GALLERY: Denim Soul

[Source: Autoblog]

[Photo Credit: Drew Phillips]

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  • Tanne1958 Tanne1958 on Sep 21, 2012

    Do you know when the 2013 limited edition will be release? I'm waiting to see the new color before I get one.. Might like it better. I love the Red Rock Canyon but, I couldn't afford it then but, I'm ready to buy now..