Report: 2010 Dodge Caliber Photos Reveal Improved Interior

Thanks to CaliberForums member ResumeSpeed we have this grainy photo of what is reported to be the interior of the 2010 Dodge Caliber. Along with that photo came a list of upgrades being made to the sub-compact’s interior in an effort to improve the overall look and feel of the cockpit.

As the photo shows, the upper instrument panel has been restyled, along with the doors, which now feature soft-touch armrests with vinyl on the top portion. The center console armrest also gets a soft-touch coating.

Other upgrades include electronic (rather than cable) temperature controls that can access an improved air conditioning system. As well, the handle for the reclining seat has been lengthened and the seat track covers have been improved.

Dodge is no doubt hoping the improved interior of the Caliber will help make it a more attractive option in an ultra-competitive segment where the vehicle has never really captured the interest of buyers.

[Source: CaliberForums]

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