Report: Mitsubishi Drops Manual Transmission Option from 2010 Eclipse Spyder Lineup


If you’re in the market for one of Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Spyders and prefer the control a manual transmission gives you, then act now. Mitsubishi has quietly removed the optional five-speed and six-speed transmissions from its lineup for 2010.

We stumbled across this bit of news on Mitsubishi’s consumer site, which lists both the 2009 and 2010 Spyder models for sale. Mitsubishi’s Product MP manager Maurice Durand confirmed it with us.

The consumer site doesn’t list any info for the 2010 coupe model, but Durand told AutoGuide that the manual transmission will continue to be offered for the coupe.

With the introduction of the new 2010 model Mitsubishi is also eager to move its 2009 inventory, offering $2,000 off on any model, meaning you can get a five-speed four-cylinder GS for $24,669 or a six-speed V6 GT for $27,869.

These deals sound even better when you consider the 2010 models see a price increase, with the base 4-cylinder automatic running $28,494 (a $1,545 increase) and the V6 automatic now priced from $33,523 (a $3,374 increase). Part of the added price comes from the fact that the GS model now gets a 5-speed auto-box rather thean the old four-speed unit, while the GT model gets a new 6-speed auto.

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Jamie Bowman says:

Beautiful car, color and stance with the top down. You don’t see many cars looking that good topless, not Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Shame them don’t produce these anymore because these were the best driving machines.