VIDEO: Audi R8 Spyder Cruising Miami and Being Thrashed

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

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With the debut of the new R8 Spyder at the Frankfurt Auto Show last week, Audi has just released two videos of the drop-top exotic. The second one is a montage of clips showing a delicious brown R8 Spyder comfortably cruising in Miami. The first bit of video is a shorter promo clip of the drop-top being expertly thrashed.

The R8 Spyder is powered by the Lamborghini sourced 5.2-liter V10 and makes 525hp. It can hit 62 mph in 4.1 seconds and blast on to a top speed of 195 mph!

What might be most impressive about the drop-top R8 is that the exotic German sports car only weighs 13.23 lbs more than the Coupe, thanks in part to the R8’s already stiff chassis and a light-weight soft-top instead of a retractable hard top. The total curb weight of the car is now 3,792 lbs. Additional weight savings were made through the use of carbon fiber for not only the side blades but also the rear tonneau cover for the soft top.

As for the soft-top, it opens and closes in just 19 seconds at speeds u to 31 mph and Audi claims the interior noise with the top up is almost identical to that of the coupe.

As for the style of the R8 Spyder, it is certainly stunning, with a bold chrome grille, gloss black detailing and a rear tonneau cover with large vents. Special Y-spoke wheels in a 19-inch fitment complete the design with 235/35/19 tires up front and 295/30 tires out back. For added grip, Audi also offers the R8 Spyder with 305-wide rear tires.

No U.S. Pricing has yet to be set, but in Europe it runs 156,400 euros.

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