SEMA 2009: Hankook Tire Formula Drift Camaro SS Debuts in Vegas

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

One of the many Camaros on display at the 2009 SEMA Show is the Formula Drift Camaro SS. Sponsored by Hankook Tire and displayed prominently at the General Motors booth, the car was built by BR Racing, Luke Lonberger and Conrad Grunewald Racing and will compete in next year’s Formula D drift championship piloted by none other than Conrad Grunewald.

In race-prepped form, the Camaro gets a GM Performance LS-A suercharger along with an AEM Universal EMS to make in excess of 600-hp at the rear wheels. The heavy beast has also been put on a diet with a striped out interior and a full cabon fiber body made by Seibon Carbon.

The car will also sport a set of custom Forgeline three-piece wheels and will (obviously) run on Hankook tires of the Ventus R-S3 variety.

GALLERY: Hankook Tire, Formula Drift Camaro SS

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  • JzEllis JzEllis on Jan 27, 2010

    heavy beast huh... why is it everytime an American performance car is commented on curb weight is always thrown around, yet when a Foriegn performance car is talked about weight is conviently forgotten. like the fact that a GT-R weighs more than a Camaro, or a Bently continental comes in over 5000lbs. or how a 2010 BMW m3 comes in at 3650. thats right where the average "heavy" mustang or last gen F-body weighed. just curious. especially when our "heavy" cars run as fast or faster than the "lighter" foreign cars. and speaking of drifting, our "heavy" GTO, Mustang, and Viper seem to have no problem getting championships. in Formula D, when was the last time a japanese car got the chapionship?