SEMA 2009: Modified Honda Insight Makes Sure Prius Isn’t the Only Tuned Hybrid at SEMA


Situated right across the isle from Honda’s official SEMA Show booth we found a modified Honda Insight at the ENEOS Oil booth. Owned by member Xtremeview, the car features a custom aero kit and a lowered suspension.

Other modifications include a set of Rays wheels with Yokohama Parada tires, a Tanabe exhaust and some Bride racing seats. The car also features a new audio system with light weight components that are also designed to use less power.

The project is based on the idea of blending high performance with efficiency. As cool as it may look, we have to admit, considering the reputation the Insight has earned, we’re not sure it’s the poster boy for either.

GALLERY: ENEOS Honda Insight


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