SEMA 2009: Toyota to Display Two Modified Priuses by Five Axis

For the SEMA Show, Toyota often calls on the Five Axis tuner shop to create wild and wacky Scions or Lexuses, but for the first time the custom fabricators have been called upon to modify a Prius. Actually, Five Axis has built two versions of the 2010 Prius, the first called the Prius Aerius (Latin for “belonging to the air”), is a SEMA Show car, while the second, called the Prius Aemulus (meaning “envious imitation”), is a street legal replica. The second car will be given to the Environmental Media Association (EMA) and auctioned off for charity.

Both cars get a Five Axis aero kit that has been made using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, to not only ensure it looks cool, but also to maintain the Prius’s amazing 0.25 drag coefficient.

The show car gets Five Axis FIVE:AD S6:F 19-inch wheels with clear covers to reduce drag, along with a set of Yokohama Super E-Spec low rolling resistance tires. The actual street car will get slightly less “bling” with factory rollers.

Outside, both cars get a custom paint job that resembles the color of the sky, while the rear and side glass has been coated in 3M’s Crystalline Automotive Window Film to block 99.9 percent of UV rays.

Inside the Prius Aerius show car has its seat fabric replaced with 100 percent consumer recycled polyester, while the seatbacks are made of Polyurethane produced by Ultrafabrics that produces almost zero pollutants in the production process. The factory seats weren’t just tossed out either, but recycled to make business cards and cosmetics cases.

For more photos of both cars check out AutoGuide’s live SEMA Show coverage here:


Toyota, the worldwide leader in hybrid sales and technology, is publicly debuting two uniquely modified Prius gas-electric hybrids at the 2009 SEMA Show.  The Prius Aerius (Latin for “belonging to the air”) is a show car that integrates performance and design modifications with environmental elements, which embody the principals of sustainability.  The Prius Aemulus (meaning “envious imitation”) is a drivable close replica of the Prius Aerius that has been donated to the Environmental Media Association (EMA) for a charity auction.

Built on two third-generation 2010 Prius, Five Axis Design created a four-piece Aero Kit using polyurethane and partially recycled materials manufactured by 3D Carbon. The kit includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a rear lower valance.  The Aero Kit was designed and aerodynamically tested by using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software by Swift Engineering to ensure the kit maintained the Prius’ remarkable 0.25 coefficient of drag.

Nippon Color Design Studio America (CDSA) provided a custom paint to the exterior of both vehicles.  CDSA used an environmentally-sensitive waterborne technology to produce a custom three-coat color using a blue-green Lumina pigment that resembles airiness and the color of the sky.

The Prius Aerius Show Car rides on Yokohama Super E-Spec™ low rolling resistance tires made from 80 percent non-petroleum materials and feature a special tread with leaf graphics.  The special tires are mounted to unique Five Axis, FIVE:AD S6:F 19-inch wheels, with smooth, clear covers that reduce the coefficient of drag.  The Prius Aemulus Auction Car rides on factory wheels with an exclusive art design that includes body color-keyed accents and a special two-tone treatment.

The side and rear glass on both vehicles receive a Crystalline Automotive Window Film, the latest in window film technology from 3M.  The special window treatment increases passenger comfort and energy savings by blocking 99.9 percent of UV light and has a SPF rating equivalent to well over 1,000.

The Prius Aerius Show Car is installed with an interior seat fabric provided by True Textiles that is made from 100 percent consumer recycled polyester.  Polyurethane produced by Ultrafabrics was provided for the design of the bolster and seatback.  Ultrafabrics uses a polyurethane manufacturing process that captures and recycles over 99 percent of solvents used in production, leading to almost zero pollutants.  Interior accents of the Prius Aerius are made from 3form’s eco-recycled resin, which is comprised of reclaimed birch trees and 40 percent post-industrial recycled content.

Audio entertainment in the Prius Aerius Show Car was provided by a Pioneer premium upgraded 900-watt 10 speaker audio system with two 10-inch subwoofers, 6.75-inch front and 5.25-inch rear component speakers and two Vizualogic 7-inch DVD headrest rear entertainment units.  The Prius Aemulus Auction Car receives an upgraded Pioneer 700-watt nine speaker audio system featuring one 8-inch subwoofer and new 6.75-inch front and 5.25-inch rear component speakers. The original seat materials removed from the Prius Aerius were recycled by Toyota to help make business cards and cosmetic cases with left over parts donated to local trades.

Both vehicles include a special Car Planet detailing kit featuring 100 percent eco-sensitive products, packaged in a bag made from leftover Show Car seat material.

The two special Prius vehicles were privately revealed at the EMA annual awards event on October 25 in Hollywood.   The Prius Aemulus is currently being auctioned off as part of the EMA benefit online at


Partners/Contributors Principal: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Builder: Five Axis


* Five Axis Design:  4 piece Aero Kit*, FIVE:AD S6:F 19” wheels with aero covers * 3D Carbon: Polyurethane custom body kit materials* * Swift Engineering: CFD aerodynamic testing of body kit * Nippon Color Design Studio America waterborne custom paint* * Yokohama: Super E-Spec™ low rolling resistance tires with custom tread


* True Textiles: 100% recycled seat fabric * Ultrafabrics: polyurethane seat bolster and back * 3Form: eco-recycled resin interior accents * 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film to reduce solar rays and produce energy savings* * Pioneer:  900-watt 10 speaker audio system* * Vizualogic:  7-inch DVD headrest rear entertainment units * Car Planet: eco-sensitive car detailing kit*

* Also on Prius Aemulus.  Aemulus includes a Pioneer 700-watt nine speaker audio system.