Report: Chevy Cobalt Being Investigated for Faulty Steering; Recall Possible

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

With the recall focus aimed squarely at Toyota these days, now would be a great time for an automaker to issue a recall and go unnoticed by the media. General Motors may be in just such a situation, as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced it is investigating the Chevy Cobalt for faulty steering.

The NHTSA has decided to take action after receiving 1,132 complaints about a loss of power steering in Chevy Cobalt models from 2005-09, as well as the Cobalt SS model from 2008-09. In total, 11 of those cases have been related to crashes due to temporary loss of steering. The recall could affect as many as 905,000 vehicles.

The Cobalt is current in its last year of production as Chevy plans to replace it with the Cruze in 2011.

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  • Josephine Keefe Josephine Keefe on Oct 13, 2015

    I bought a 2008 cobalt in late October, 2014, there was an ignition recall sent out to the guy I bought it from, so when I got it in my name I had the recall fixed. Before it was fixed all was wrong was the odd time I had trouble turning the key, but since it was fixed my gages are going nuts, power steering light comes on and blinks, anti theft stays on, low fuel blinking and gage for the gas drops and the car almost stalls, steering gets stiff and at times it locks up, when it locks up I have to put her in nutral and shut it off to get control of the steering, chev won't check it out unless I pay their $90 an hour rate, so I got no choice to do that cause I don't need something to happen while I have my granddaughters in with me . The car now sounds like it's falling apart in the front end. I bought this car thinking I was finally getting a good car for myself, I'm only on a disability and can't afford to dish out tons of money on repairs

  • Rena Rena on Nov 13, 2015

    i bought 2008 colbalt in march of 2008 after 36000 dealership told me i need all new front end and steering colum now this car at 36000 mile is still new inside and out cars one year old when they told me that i bought a lemon first door handle inside cut my hand opening door bad chrome work thenhazard flasher button sticking on sealership said they fixed it went to funeral and used them stuck again and when try to shut off button fell inside dash had to replace wheel bears before car was one then had to fix fuel injecters cost me this car been on after another i could go on and on now turn signal wont shut off and not quick fix a costly on