Report: Scion TC Convertible May Bow In 2012

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Despite a dearth of sporty cars in its lineup, Toyota has always managed to have at least one convertible, from boulevard cruisers like the short-lived Celica convertible and the recently departed Camry Solara convertible, to more serious sports cars like the MR2 and Supra. With the Camry Solara gone, Toyota is looking for another open top vehicle, and Scion‘s popular tC is likely to be next in line.

The tC accounts for 30 percent of Scion’s sales already, but its long-in-the-tooth styling has seen it slowly grow out of favor with the fickle youth market. A new 180-horsepower four-cylinder and revised styling for 2011 should help restore the tC to its former glory, and provide an affordable alternative to the Ford Mustang, Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and Mini Cooper Convertibles. The tC’s four-seater configuration, usable trunk and Scion’s excellent customization program are icing on the cake for those who would rather shuttle their friends to the mall than carve corners.

While the tC convertible hasn’t been officially announced, expect it to arrive for the 2012 model year. The tC, along with the upcoming iQ city car should help Scion boost their slumping sales. There’s no word on if Scion plans to deliver a convertible version of the new iQ.

[Source: Inside Line]

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  • Lindan Lindan on Feb 17, 2011

    This would be fantastic, reminiscent of the Paseo convertible a little. I have had the Mustang Convertible, and the Eclipse Spyder, but neither really compared with my Celica hard-top as far as handling. I just hope they don't make the back window microscopic and put big headrests on the rear seats. That's my pet peeve with the Solara and Eclipse Spyder convertibles, a big blind spot with the top up.

  • Martha soler Martha soler on Jun 05, 2011

    hi am hard hearing. need look for scion tc new . pls give ytour phone number can call you . thank you. martha