Canadian Auto Journalist’s Son Crashes Porsche Turbo


Canadian auto journalist Peter Cheney now likely regrets tossing the keys to a 500-hp Porsche 911 Turbo to his son, who then accidentally drove it through the garage door.

The exact details of the crash aren’t clear with Cheney’s son Will claiming the car had rolled into the door while Cheney himself writes that, “it had launched itself through the entire structure.” (Last time we checked, only Toyotas accelerated by themselves).

We have to give credit to Cheney and the Globe & Mail (which he writes for) for going public on the mistake, although we’re perplexed by Cheney’s decision to punish his son. After all, its unlikely Porsche would let anyone but the journalist who signed the papers drive the car and so the decision to give the keys to a $180,000 (CDN) 911 Turbo with a six-speed stick shift to his son (who Cheney admits doesn’t know how to operate a manual transmission) probably only warrants punishment for Cheney himself.

That, however, isn’t happening with Porsche kindly sucking up the $11,000 in repair cost. (What else would they do? After all, the Globe is the largest national news paper in Canada and probably one of Porsche Canada’s largest advertising clients). Cheney is, however, left with $2,700 in repair bills for his garage.

[Source: Globe & Mail]

CORRECTION NOTICE: The article above has been found to include inaccurate information. Porsche did not cover the repair costs to the 911 Turbo, instead they were paid for by the Globe & Mail newspaper.

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Mark Howard says:

Mr. Cheney, with all due respect, are you an idiot? You give the keys to a $180,000 car to your son WHO CAN”T OPERATE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION CAR and then you’re surprised he damaged the car and your garage? And then your son claims that the car “rolled” through the garage door. REALLY? If you had any integrity at all you would step up and insist on paying the full damages to Porsche for your son’s incompetence and your clear lack of judgement.

To the writer of this article, please do NOT give any credit to Mr Cheney for his lapse of judgement. He did everything wrong and nothing right in this incident.

Whatever happened to being accountable for your actions? Unbelievable.