Chevy Colorado Replacement Revealed in GM Patent Filings?


Several sketches of a pickup truck have been leaked from the U.S. Patent Office, showing what appears to be the next-generation Chevy Colorado. GM filed the design patent on November 23rd of last year and received confirmation from the office yesterday.

Judging from the big grille, the drawings show what is quite obviously a Chevrolet. And while it’s not confirmed that this is the new Colorado, recent spy shots have shown what appear to be a Colorado replacement out testing. Adding to the speculation is news from GMI’s sources that a new Colorado is set to be built at the company’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant where die kits for a “new small truck” are scheduled to arrive later this year for initial testing.

There is a possibility that this new truck might be a product destined only for South America, especially as several of the designers mentioned on the patent are from Brazil. Our GM-crazed friends at GMI assure us, however, that this the next Colorado.

GALLERY: Chevy Colorado Design Patent Sketches

[Source: GMI]