MINI Exploring New Models Says Design Boss

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

In a recent interview MINI design boss Adrian van Hooydonk admitted that the BMW sub-brand is looking at expanding with new models in the future. “Because Mini is on the threshold of turning into a proper brand, we will be looking at a pallet of models for the future,” he told AutoCar.

But that’s not to say we’ll see a new lineup of funky and fun-to-drive models any time soon. On the contrary, while MINI is looking to build itself into a completely separate entity from BMW, the recent decision to share the third-generation new MINI platform with the upcoming 1 Series means that there’s no rush. The reduced costs associated with sharing this new platform have bought MINI time, allowing the British brand to focus on what it wants to do, rather than what it needs to do to hit certain sales and volume targets.

Van Hooydonk even commented that as long as the brand stays true to its core values, “We can’t do all sizes of car under the Mini badge.” This is perhaps an admission that there’s truth to the rumor of a 7-seater MINI.

Currently MINI is preparing to launch a new Coupe and Roadster model, with word that the B eachcomber Concept will see production beyond that.

[Source: AutoCar]

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