Report: Mercedes-Benz To Surpass Lexus As America's Favorite Luxury Car

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

After enduring a decade of domination by Japanese upstart Lexus, Mercedes-Benz may be on their way to clinching the title of top luxury car brand in America after a series of setbacks has left the Lexus brand damaged in the eyes of consumers.

Lexus has had no less than four recalls in the first seven months of 2010, as well as the disastrous scandal where Consumers Reports condemned the handling of their GX460 SUV as unsafe. While Lexus sales have rebounded, so have sales of the three pointed star, buoyed by a strong lineup of new products, like the E-Class sedan.

Lexus sales were up 2.7 percent in June, while Mercedes and BMW were up 25 percent and 15 percent respectively. Toyota’s luxury division needs to act fast, especially with the Hyundai Equus nipping at its heels.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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  • Lat-La Lat-La on Jul 26, 2010

    I am not sure why Hyundai's Equus to be mentioned in this article. A fight is between MB & Toyata(Lexus, of course), not Hyundai which is still a nobody in luxary cars' market.