2012 Mercedes SLK Teased With Magic Sky Control Roof

The folks at Mercedes just love gimmicky innovations. From the AirScarf to the AirCap in the new E-Class Cabriolet, now comes what will apparently be dubbed Magic Sky Control.

According to the folks at AutoExpress, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK will make use of the new feature, which is teased in a shot of the retractable roof just released by Mercedes.

The top portion of the roof will normally be opaque, but with the push of a button an electric charge will change the glass to allow light to shine through. This roof system isn’t exactly new, but it is exciting to see it on a more reasonably priced vehicle. And while the SLK isn’t what some might deem “resonably priced” just remember that past electrochromic roofs came on models like the Ferrari 575 Superamerica and on some Maybach models.

Mercedes is expected to debt the 2012 SLK at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show this March.

[Source Mercedes and AutoExpress]