DeLorean Plans to Expand Their Brand to Clothes and Toys

First came the limited edition Nike Dunk 6.0 DeLorean shoes that sold out as soon as the stores opened. Then there was the DeLorean Time Machine Hard Drive so you could back up your files McFly style. Now, there’s more good news for you Back to the Future fans out there – DeLorean is in the works to expand its brand beyond time machines, sneakers and computer gadgets.

The Texas-based automaker has announced new partnerships with Mattel, Sun Star, Gateway Global, Microsoft and Now & Zen to make clothing and toys that use the DeLorean’s uber-cool retro-icon label.

The folks at DeLorean believe that their brand is a big hit with kids from the ’80s – and they’ve got the facts to back them up on that. According to a poll of 1,000 men conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation Caravan, the famous car has a 93 percent awareness factor among men aged 18 and older, with 87 percent of respondents agreeing that “the car was ahead of its time.”

[Source: Forbes]