Washington State Promotes Eco Tourism With Electric Car Charging Stations on Scenic Drives

If you drive an electric car, you may be a little hesitant to take it out for an extended drive. That means taking the scenic route is out. Or does it?

If you’re planning to do some sight seeing along the coastal ranges of Washington and Oregon in your electric car, you’ll get a boost from charging stations placed strategically along your drive.

Washington State has teamed up with several businesses for a plan to install a series of charging stations along U.S. Route 2. These charging stations would pop up from Everett, just outside Seattle, and continue 120 miles over the Cascade Mountains to Wenatchee (north central area of the state).

Some of the businesses that will be chipping in to fund these stations include resorts and car dealerships. In addition to those by private businesses, other funds from the Federal Recovery Act will pay for two or three DC quick-charging stations along the route. They should be installed by the end of this year.

Businesses are keen to install these chargers because of the time delay. It takes 30 minutes to recharge your electric car… so what are you going to do with that extra time? Shop, of course! The forward-thinking business owners along the route are likely to generate revenue many times the cost of the electricity they provide.

[Source: The Car Connection]