MINI Gets a Louis Vuitton Makeover From CoverEFX

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Have you ever said to yourself: “Gee, I wish my MINI matched my super cute Louis Vuitton hand bag”? And because too much of a good thing is never a bad idea, there’s a MINI that looks like the designer brand just puked all over it.

CoverEFX, a German tuning company, has put subtly aside to come up with this classic Louis Vuitton-inspired MINI. Just like the famous handbag, this little Cooper sports the black leather and gold metallic look. But to complete the authenticity of the style, it comes adorned with thousands of small gold logos glued individually by hand, mimicking the signature Louis Vuitton foil embossing technique. Finishing it off are its OZ LM rims in matte black and matte gold metallic.

We’re not sure how much this LV Mini will run you, but we are sure that it will carry plenty of those little purse dogs.

[Source: Born Rich]

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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