Custom Subaru WRX STi Convertible For Sale: As Expensive as it is Wrong


Yep, we’ve all seen it before walking into car dealerships; those weird aftermarket modifications that they tack onto a car and then jack up the price. Whether it’s adding a set of wheels and tires or an odd graphics package to the car, dealers have always carried on the tradition of overpricing a car with “accessories.”

But this modification probably trumps what any other dealer has ever done. They’ve taken one of the world’s most popular AWD turbocharged sports cars and… chopped off its roof. That’s right, you’re staring at a new-generation Subaru WRX STi sporting a convertible conversion. If its awfully bad looks weren’t enough, Manchester Subaru has attached an extravagant $75,000 price tag to the car. Oh did we say extravagant? We meant ridiculously absurdly outrageous.

And maybe we’re just completely off base here and don’t know the New Hampshire market all that well, but apparently Manchester Subaru will have five of these babies up for sale to whoever is insane enough to purchase one.

Poor concept, poor execution, all the way around.

GALLERY: 2011 Subaru WRX STi Convertible

subaru_sti_convertible_2.jpg subaru_sti_convertible_3.jpg subaru_sti_convertible_4.jpg subaru_sti_convertible_5.jpg subaru_sti_convertible_6.jpg subaru_sti_convertible_7.jpg

[Source: Manchester Subaru via Autoblog]