Mini Cooper Gaming Chair Offers the Ultimate Multimedia Experience

For those of you how really want the luxe treatment when you’re playing video games, do we have a seat for you – David Gawthorpe’s Mini Cooper gaming chair.

When your butt demands the ultimate in comfort while playing hours upon hours of Grand Theft Auto, you need a seat like this one. And it actually features the front end of a classic Mini Cooper … but that’s not all it has. This multimedia chair comes equipped with an Xbox, 500-watt amplifier, strobe and laser lights, stereo sound, lasers, a fridge at the back and a remote-controlled smoke machine – not too shabby!

But it doesn’t end there. Your rear end gets pampered with a vibration pad called the “Butt Kicker,” a cool feature that turns on when the bullets start flying in your game. And when your friends come over, its alloy wheels turn into additional two seats.

The prototype has been sold to a London entrepreneur, who has plans to put it up on sale in his store for an expected price tag of £8,000 ($12,967). Would you spend this kind of cash if they were to come over to North America?

[Source: Born Rich]