Cadillac Planning Softtop Convertible to Rival Audi A5, Mercedes E-Class Drop-Tops


After two recent unsuccessful attempts at marketing a convertible Cadillac to the general public, Cadillac will be making another attempt at a much lower price point. Instead of a folding-hardtop roadster that we saw with the XLR (above), we’ll be seeing a softtop convertible based on the Alpha platform and will find itself in between the ATS and CTS Cadillac models.

It’ll be interesting to see how successful or unsuccessful a softtop convertible will be for Cadillac. Their competitors are a blend of both, with Audi’s A5 and Mercedes’ E-Class sporting fabric roofs while Lexus and Infiniti have gone the hardtop option on their sporty convertibles.

No mention of what this convertible model may be powered by, but chances are we won’t see a production model until late 2013.

[Source: Car and Driver Blog]