Avoid Speeding Tickets with the My Max Speed App


Sometimes you lose track of how fast you’re going. You’re wrapped up with stuff you’ve got to do, your favorite song is on the radio or you’re trying to follow directions. Now, there’s a speed monitoring app that encourages safe driving and protect your rights.

The My Max Speed for smartphones stays on top of how fast you’re going. Helping to keep you at a safe and legal limit, users can log their rates of speed every 5 seconds they’re driving. This information is stored on a spreadsheet, so you can review your speed at different intervals. When you’re reviewing the spreadsheet display in the app, users can tap one speed recording to display the exact physical location in a map format.

This app comes in handy if you get a speeding ticket. You can use it when you get pulled over to see if the speed matches that of what the law enforcement officer reports. This could save you some cash and points if the police officer’s radar gun settings aren’t calibrated. And if you get pulled over for speeding but get burned for something else along with it (like not wearing a seatbelt), having proof that you weren’t speeding may impact other citations that you could be charged with.

The My Max Speed has a large display area that makes it easy to see how fast you’re going, and stores speed snapshots in five minute segments for evidentiary purposes. The spreadsheets can be exported to Excel, Word, Power Point or other software, and the reports can be sent to an email address or can be shared on Facebook.

My Max Speed is available for free in an ad-supported version and for $4.99 in an ad-free version from the Android Market or