BMW Frozen Black M3 Sells Out In 22 Minutes

Blake Z. Rong
by Blake Z. Rong

Like a morning radio show giving out Metallica tickets, BMW‘s limited edition Frozen Black M3 sold out in a matter of minutes—22, to be exact. Better luck next time, BMWisti.

There were just 20 examples built, with 1 reserved for BMW North America. And like one of those annual Neiman Marcus cars, the cars went out fast to well-heeled enthusiasts with their trigger fingers on the phones. Sales started at 11:30 AM Eastern Time on Thursday, June 16, 2011, and by noon, all 19 examples of the car were accounted for, quietly tucked away in garages to eagerly anticipate 2051’s Barrett-Jackson auction.

Pricing of the ultra-exclusive matte-black car started at $79,650. BMW reserves the right to auction off the last one, however, so one lucky enthusiast will get the chance to pay double the rate of the other examples for the last one in existence. You’ll still have to be the 7th caller for those Metallica tickets, however.

GALLERY: BMW Frozen Black Matte M3

[Source: egm Car Tech]

Blake Z. Rong
Blake Z. Rong

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