Chrysler Offers Out-of-Work Reality Show Winner His Job Back


Despite his success on the reality show “America’s Next Great Restaurant,” finalist Jamawn Woods has seen three of his restaurants close within two months of opening. But there’s still some good news in store for him, from his former employers at Chrysler.

Woods, from Detroit, was a forklift operator at one of Chrysler’s assembly plants in Michigan when he tried out for the reality TV show. After he made it to the finals his employers surprised him with an award: a one-year leave of absence to pursue his dream. Sadly in the cutthroat, competitive restaurant industry, his “Soul Daddy” restaurants have all closed. But a Chrysler representative gave Woods the chance for his old job back, offering to hold up their end of the bargain: “he is still a part of our family,” said the rep.

It’s a long shot from television fame and celebrity chef stardom, but it’s better than going without food.

[Source: TMZ]