Transformers Edition Chevrolet Cruze Introduced To China

Blake Z. Rong
by Blake Z. Rong

If the Transformers really wanted to blend in with Earth technology in order to fight the Decepticons, they probably wouldn’t have transformed into a rare Corvette prototype, a flame-job purple 18-wheeler, or a bright yellow Camaro. After all, those aren’t exactly inconspicuous. You know what is, however? A Chevrolet Cruze.

That’s why the Cruze gets the full Autobot treatment in China, where this car can pass by the crowds with nary a second glance. The small Chevy gets the bright-yellow treatment, with two oddly-mounted black stripes down the hood somewhere. Autobot badging on the wheels and fenders show off the owner’s allegiance, while illuminated Transformers door sills round out the package. The 1.6-liter Ecotec engine remains the same.

The Transformers Cruze is only available in China right now, and will probably not make it over to America. Because, after all, a transforming robot defender of freedom would be blasphemous if it packed anything smaller than a 6.2-liter V8.

[Source: ChinaCarTimes]

Blake Z. Rong
Blake Z. Rong

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