Why Is This Dodge Viper Towing An F1 Car? [Video]

Why is this man pulling an F1 car with a Dodge Viper GTS? Because he just bought it.

The F1 car, not the Viper—though given the funds needed to make such an impulse buy, he probably owns the other as well. A man in England bought Rubens Barrichello’s 2007 Honda F1 RA107 race car, chronicling every step of the purchase and rebuild. He bought it at a Bonhams auction in December of 2010 for £37,000, or $59,600—unfortunately, without an engine or steering rack.

Hence, the towing.

The Viper’s truck-derived V10 makes a perfect soundtrack in towing this Honda F1 car, which—to be fair—doesn’t exactly bottom out any suspensions in the first place. Between the two, the combined horsepower is probably enough to invade a small European nation. I wonder if the Top Gear trio will be as enraged getting stuck behind this convoy as they do behind caravans.

The enthusiastic buyer plans to put a Hartley V8 into the car in lieu of the original Honda 2.4-liter V10, which is an appropriate substitute: two Suzuki Hayabusa engines joined at the crank, good for 500 horsepower and 10,000rpm.

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[Source: Car Guy Dad]

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