BMW 3 Series Pickup Truck is Both Retro and Terrible, Priced to Sell at $1,900

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

We all had a good laugh at BMW‘s M3 Pickup Truck but it looks like someone out there actually thought it was a good idea. Found on Craigslist this custom BMW E30 that has received quite the makeover, transforming the classic BMW to a functional pickup and painted in a gaudy yellow with an equally gaudy matching yellow and black interior. The bad boy is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the owner is looking for just $1,900 for it. $1,900! What a steal.

There are of course very few details surrounding this one-of-a-kind project, other than that it’s a 1985 BMW 325e with an automatic transmission and that it “needs a little work.” Knowing that everyone’s definition of “a little work” is probably different, we’re guessing it probably needs “a lot of work”. The seller did state that it needs new brakes, the windows aren’t working, there’s a few rust bubbles, a cracked windshield and the interior could use a little “sorting out.” Yeah, like sorting the bumblebee theme right on out of there.

But hey, at least the owner was honest and said he had big plans for the car but has too many projects right now. We’re curious as to what other projects would take precedent over this magnificent creation. We’re hoping some crazy drifter picks it up, shoves in a V8 and goes sideways in it.

[Source: Craigslist via Jalopnik]

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  • Disqus_29T0iOFtCN Disqus_29T0iOFtCN on Feb 26, 2014

    just saw this truck yesterday at LKQ self service junk yard in Oklahoma City and was wondering what it was... Looks to be a BMW unfortunately mated with a Subaru brat. I would buy it for the body because it actually is pretty neat up close, but its been pretty well gutted.