BMW Convertible Top Crushes Belgian Woman to Death

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
bmw convertible top crushes belgian woman to death

An ingenious way to enjoy the sunshine while driving, sure, but is a convertible roof also a killing machine?

According to a report out of Belgium a woman was killed when the retractable top on a BMW closed on her. It’s not known what model of BMW or if it was a hard-top of soft-top, but the mechanism is said to have closed on her neck. The car belonged to the woman’s employer, who she worked for as a maid and was said to be cleaning the car at the time.

BMW has yet to comment and police are continuing to investigate.

[Source: Standaard via Jalopnik]

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  • Ron Ron on Sep 12, 2011

    This has to be a set up! I dont think the conv. top on any BMW can kill someone, with out the assistance of someone to hit the switch, and hold it in the open or close position. I have worked with these cars for a while now, and I say there is no way.

  • Will Will on Sep 15, 2011

    did you look under my hood!?