New Toyota Supra Back in the Product Plan

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq

There once was a time when Toyota used to have many sporty coupes in its line-up, like the MR-2, Celica and even a Camry V6 coupe. However, their flagship model was the Supra, a car that could keep up and beat almost anything offered by the Germans or the Americans at the time.

In the last decade, Toyota had axed all its sporty coupes, with the Supra bowing out in 2002, leaving many fans wanting for more.

Over the last few years, the rumor-mill has been busy with talk about the resurrection of the Supra, most of which revolve around a slightly toned down version of the Lexus LFA.

While Toyota officially denies these rumors, according to some insiders, a skunkworks project is underway and we could see a new Supra by 2014. Whether it be based on the FT-86 or the LFA platform (or something entirely new) is not known. Either way, sportscar fans can’t wait to see the fifth-generation Supra. Neither can we.

[Source: CAR]

Nauman Farooq
Nauman Farooq

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