Racing & Emotion Chairs Inspired By Famous Racing Cars

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

In the latest trend of cars influencing home decor, Racing & Emotion has launched its Art Ball and Art Egg series of chairs, inspired by classic racing vehicles such as McLaren and Porsche.

Delightfully retro looking, both the Art Ball and Art Egg collections will add a definite statement to any room. These chairs are adorned with a number that corresponds with famous racing vehicles from Mercedes, McLaren, and Porsche, with 30 different options to choose from. If you’ve got some cash to play with, you can go with the AC Art and M1 Andy chairs, both of which are limited editions and cost $5,480 each (they also happen to be the most expensive pieces from this collection).

There’s only one chair in the Art Egg series. This beauty is called the 917 LM20E Gulf chair and it’s inspired by the famous Porsche 917 featured in the movie Le Mans. Boasting an egg-like shape, this chair’s body is made from high grade fibreglass, features fine grade leather upholstery and can turn 360 degrees. The 917 LM20E Gulf chair will set you back $4,800.

[Source: Born Rich]

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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