Honda Unveils "Autonomous" ASIMO Robot

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Honda has just unveiled the latest version of its ASIMO humanoid robot, with impressive updates that allow the machine to operate autonomously, walk on uneven surfaces and perform more human functions.

Thanks to new “advanced intelligence capability”ASIMO can now take in information about the world around it, including the movements of other people, and then predict changes. As a result it can now act autonomously, moving without the aid of an operator. In addition, ASIMO now has advanced face and voice recognition so it knows who it is talking to.

Updates to ASIMO’s legs with more range and added strength now allow it to walk on uneven surfaces while a new multi-fingered hand allows for “object recognition technology” to know what it is touching, while performing complex tasks like opening a bottle or holding a paper cup gently enough so as not to crush it. ASIMO’s new hands also allow the machine to perform sign language.

Honda continues to push forward with its advancements in humanoid robotic technology and is committed to the field, even establishing a new department called Honda Robotics.


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