Chevy Camaro GT3 Race Cars Look and Sound Outrageous [Video]

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

It’s always interesting to see German tuners wrenching away on American muscle, as is the case with these two Chevy Camaros. YACO Racing out in Germany and Fastforward Motorsport in Belgium are separately working on different Camaros for GT3 racing and both teams are producing some impressive results.

YACO Racing has partnered up with SaReni United and Reiter Engineering on a pair of V8-powered Camaro GT3 race cars and are planning to campaign them in the German ADAC GT Master Series and GT3 European Championship. The car has been spotted doing some pre-season testing out in Italy at the Adria Circuit and will have its racing debut next year.

Fastforward Motorsport’s Camaro takes a more subtle approach but definitely looks just as race-ready as YACO Racing’s GT3 Camaro. It recently was testing out at Circuit Zolder and sounds incredible in the video.

Check out a video of Fastforward Motorsport’s Camaro GT3 below

GALLERY: YACO Racing / Fastforward Motorsport Chevy Camaro GT3s

[Source: Jon Sibal]

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