Acura ILX Coupe Rendered into Reality


With the recent introduction of the ILX entry-level luxury sedan at the Chicago Auto Show, Acura is reportedly planning a two-door version to follow. Like the sedan, the ILX Coupe will borrow its underpinnings from the Civic – which already has a two-door offering.

To illustrate just how the ILX Coupe could look, we’ve employed the rendering expertise of Jon Sibal, who has had remarkable success in the past with cars like the Camaro ZL1. Along with the conversion to a coupe, this “concept car” showcases a new side skirt design, a sloping rear roofline, new wheels and a modified headlight design.

Available powertrains include the same 2.0-liter 4-cylinder base engine, a larger performance-oriented 2.4-liter and a hybrid 1.5-liter. Of note, however, by the time the Coupe does arrive Acura’s Earth Dreams Technology line of new engine technologies will be in full swing, meaning that we should expect the addition of direct-injection to each engine, as well as CVTs, with improved performance and fuel economy. The new technology could make for a 160 hp 2.0-liter with fuel economy above 40 mpg on the highway, while the 2.4-liter should produce as much as 220 hp.

After recent critiques of the new 2012 Civic and the announcement of the brand’s new Man Machine Synergy philosophy, expect much of the mushiness of the current Civic Si to be removed.

GALLERY: 2013 Acura ILX


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MontserGirl says:

 I know right! I LOVE 2 door hatchbacks and its ridiculous they got rid of them for so long. Happy to see there is a new option for a 2 door. Wish they would just remake a wicked CRX or something.

Mick says:

The RSX and Integra are liftbacks/fastback not hatchbacks