Mitsubishi EVO Crashes Hard in Hungarian Rally Race – Video

Rally racing is not a forgiving sport. It’s not like an oval or most road course’s where you can simply run off the track and not be at risk of smashing a tree, or a hitting a ditch like this driver did.

This video comes from a Hungarian rally race, and shows us why it is not such a good idea to push to hard around a corner. The obviously unsuspecting driver comes out of the turn a little too high and a little too fast, and when the car hits the apex of the turn, it slides straight off the track into the waiting ditch.

Combine wet roads, fast cars, ditches and a driver who’s in it to win it, and the results are disatrous, yet still entertaining to watch.

Thankfully it does not appear that anyone was injured in the accident.

Watch the Mitsubishi do some ditch dancing below.

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