Gold Porsche 911 Redefines Gaudy in Russian Showroom

Gold Porsche 911 Redefines Gaudy in Russian Showroom

A Russian car dealer is redefining the word ridiculous by offering a gold-plated Porsche 911. Rather than going the slightly more popular route of gold chrome wrapping, this example features 44 lbs of gold plating instead, with etchings on the metal designed by respected Russian artist, Denis Simachev.

As for the interior, the car is slightly more subdued. Custom embroidery is featured on each headrest, and a set of golden floor mats tie in with the exterior theme of the car.

Hardware-wise, the Porsche Turbo is fitted with an aftermarket Gemballa exhaust, a Brembo brake kit, as well as a set of TechArt wheels.  In total, the cost for the additional work done is estimated at 330,000 euros.

A bargain for the right buyer, the dripping in gold 911 Turbo is currently listed for just 1.8 million rubles, or a little more than $61,000.

Real gold or not, if it’s posing and showing off you want, the golden Porsche certainly gets the job done.

GALLERY: gold Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet


[Source: Konigmotors dealer website]