‘Liking’ Car Companies on Facebook Makes You Cooler: Study

‘Liking’ Car Companies on Facebook Makes You Cooler: Study

New evidence suggests there’s a reason behind people flocking to that guy with the cool car, well sort of. Having a hot car and the data in the study probably aren’t very related, but it looks like being a car fan on Facebook means you’re likely to have more friends.

According to research conducted by the social media giant, being a little car crazy (as many of us are) means you’re statistically likely to have three times the number of friends, on Facebook that is.

The study examined 15,938 Facebook users between December and March and found that the average person who “liked” an automaker has 433 friends on the network — three times the average. Apparently 82 percent of fans that both liked a brand and own one of its cars are likely to recommend the same company to a friend — 13 percent more than owners who haven’t “‘liked” the marque.

Facebook interaction is a far cry from actually spending time with other auto enthusiasts, but there isn’t any reason why people can’t congregate and discuss within the venue just like they would on an enthusiast forum. The discussion topics and content will probably never find the same depth, but how can you criticize an enhancement for gear heads who already use the service?

Social media is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all things info-related. Even the humble team at AutoGuide has a Facebook fan page.

[Source: Mashable]