Kia K9 to Wear Cadenza Badge in North America

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
kia k9 to wear cadenza badge in north america

When the Kia K9 does launch in North America, perhaps as early as this year, it will bring with it a badge used by the brand in other markets: Cadenza.

According to our source the new flagship luxury sedan for the brand will borrow the Cadenza name, which is, confusingly, used on an entirely different car overseas. In markets like the Middle East, the Cadenza is based on the K7, itself a version of the front-drive full-size sedan platform that also underpins the Hyundai Azera.

If and when the K7 / Cadenza does make its way to North America, it could bring back the Amanti name, once worn by the brand’s unloved and ugly large sedan.

Based on the same rear-drive architecture as the Hyundai Genesis and Equus, the K9/Cadenza slots in between the two in terms of size. Power is likely to come from the brand’s 3.8-liter direct-injection V6 making 350 hp and using an 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver solid fuel economy.

The Cadenza could launch as early as this year in North America as a 2013 model year vehicle. Look for the Cadenza to start at around $50,000.

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  • Stephen Marcus Colmar Stephen Marcus Colmar on Sep 11, 2012

    I think that we have not seen the K7/Cadenza or the K9 in America yet because the Optima is doing so well, they don't want to stomp on it's success too early with another slightly larger model of upscale car. Same goes for the Hyundai Genesis or Equus. I also bet that it won't have that front end, either. That said, it looks like a very good solid car and well proportioned and well made like all of their cars.

  • Donnie Donnie on Jun 30, 2013

    I think is important that Kia keep making there models more upscale. Kia has come a long way from the first vehicle they introduced the car industry is so competetive im saying Kia stepped there game up I'm happy and will purchase the Cadenza soon I Like what I see.