2013 Range Rover Spy Photos Show Production Car


Wearing what would barely pass as anti-photo camouflage, our auto paparazzi snapped spy photos of the upcoming 2013 Land Rover Range Rover on the road.

Fuel economy is expected to improve on the upcoming model thanks to an all-aluminum structure shedding weight and a new eight-speed transmission. Along with the more conservative trans, roughly the same engine line is expected to make it into the newest version. A big 5.0-liter V8, along with a supercharged version for increased performance are expected to be available. Despite saving fuel, the new transmission should also help acceleration too.

Don’t be surprised if a hybrid model debuts as well. The automaker already showcased a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, though the fuel and engine are more likely to burn gas for production.

Our latest pictures show the SUV in minimally busy camo, allowing the camera to pick more details out than ever before. What you see above is almost certainly just a dressed up version of the production model rather than a test mule.

GALLERY: 2013 Range Rover spy photos