Toyota Camry Wins at Michigan 250: Joey Logano Driving

Nick Dasko
by Nick Dasko

Joey Logano, 22, took first place this weekend on the newly resurfaced track at Michigan International Speedway.

This is his fifth win of the season and his second in a row following a victory at Dover International Speedway on June 2. Logano drives a Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs racing in both the Nationwide series and the Sprint Car series.

This Logano’s first win at Michigan as well as the first win for Toyota at the Midwestern oval. Logano placed 35th in his Sprint Car race over the weekend. Because he is racing in both series, he cannot earn point in the Nationwide series.

For Toyota fans who are not familiar with Nascar: do not confuse this with the Camry in your driveway. This Nascar Camry has a V8 sending the power to the rear wheels. Not a four-cylinder or V6 like in the street versions that send their power to the front wheels. This V8 has carburators and produces 650 horsepower, which is well over double what a normal, road-going Camry produces from its fuel injected engine. Lastly, the final drive in the race car is made by Ford despite wearing the Camry name and Toyota badge.

[Source: Autoweek]

Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko

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