Audi City to Open in Central London

Looking for ways to revolutionize the car shopping experience, Audi will be opening an upscale retail center in Central London called “Audi City,” offering a new and innovative way to shop for your car. 

The goal is to offer a premier shopping experience, with the location staffed with product experts and a “customer relationship manager” to help with the customers. Some most of its popular models will be physically displayed on hand, the automaker will have every vehicle on its lineup available to view virtually in life size.

Of course, each Audi City location will also have a dealership so that customers can arrange test drives after getting a refresher on all the models in Audi’s lineup. It’s a move to match what BMW is doing with its i Brand stores, but ultimately it’s a move that every upscale automaker should be making in today’s world.

For example, Tesla opened a retail location in a New York to take a different tack on car sales. Instead of the sometimes intimidating experience visiting a dealer can be, the brand is offering a boutique-style experience to anyone stopping in.

GALLERY: Audi City