Lotus Sued by Former CEO Dany Bahar for $10.6 M

Far from its conclusion, the saga between Lotus and former CEO Dany Bahar will soldier on now that the ex exec is suing for 6.7 million pounds ($10.6 million).

Bahar claims he was wrongfully fired and is pursuing damages for his dismissal. Lotus’ parent company DRB-Hicom is swinging back with a counter-claim though the details of that response aren’t available yet. According to a Kuala Lumpur stock exchange filing DRB;s lawyers learned of the claim on August 23.

In fact, specific details on why Bahar was fired in the first place are still hazy. Rumors suggest that he might have used company money for personal expenses, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

Instead, DRB has only said Bahar was dismissed for concerns over his conduct. One thing is certain in this case, though: DRB and Lotus plan to see this out in court rather than agreeing on a settlement.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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